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NBA 2K19: How to get in the NBA 2K League

So, you’ve heard about the NBA 2K League. It sounds super fun, and you know that you have the best skills and qualities that would easily make you a top prospect. You get set up and ready to go, but there’s just one hiccup in the plan: 

You have no idea how to qualify. 

This can be pretty painful, as you can easily miss a deadline when you are trying to just get into a game or contest. Not knowing all the information can be detrimental to your climb as a pro and to being the best of the best.

As such, we have compiled all the information you will need to know about qualifying and getting through the draft phases of the NBA 2K League. This will fill you in on what you need to know about the League, and the qualification processes as of the present time.

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The Entry Point

To begin with, you must be recognized. In the current year of this article, 2019, the NBA 2K League is in its second season already. As such, during the 2019 year, you will not be able to enter the NBA 2K League. So, it is best to start focusing on the next year, 2020.

To begin with, it is best to own your own copy of NBA 2K. On their website, it is specifically stated that you must, in order to be qualified, own a copy of the game, as well as have an internet connection. They must also be at least 18 years old. They must also finish an online application by a date selected by the committee of the NBA 2K League. For their second season, the NBA 2K League deadline cutoff was January 31st.


The First Challenge

Once you have signed up, you must decide how you want to participate and compete. For the 2019 League, players were able to compete as a single walk on, part of a full team, or a combination of the two styles.

Players will be using their existing MyPlayers accounts and characters for this stage.

Players will then need to win 100 games of NBA 2K’s most recent version of the game in the Pro-Am mode. Players are also allowed to choose the Jordan Rec Center, and win at least 50% of their games there, in order to qualify.

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Keep in mind that the NBA 2K League will only use those 100 games that you win with the NBA 2K Pro-Am Mode. If you do Jordan Rec Center, and think it will help your overall average, i twill not. The number of games does not change your scoring, nor will winning more than 100 games in Pro-AM mode change your standings either.


The Second Challenge

Once you make it through the initial qualifier, it’s on to the combine. During this combine, players will be drafted into teams of 5 to compete against others. Here, your teamwork, individual skill, and stats will be used to determine if they are eligible.

Those players that are added to the combine will also play with the other players from the previous season of the NBA 2K League as well. This widens the pool of talent, but also means more competition.

After the combine ends, players will be drafted onto a team if the team deems them useful. There will be more teams added in as the League expands, but currently, there are only 21 teams that you have the possibility of joining.

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If you make it that far, then congratulations! You are considered one of the top players in NBA 2K, and have a chance at running for the championship. During the first year of the NBA 2K League, the Knicks Gaming were able to defeat Heat Check Gaming 2-0 in the finals. See if you can be crowned that champion. Good luck Players!

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