NBA 2K19: All Time & Classic Teams List, Starting Lineups and Player Ratings

NBA 2K19 does not disappoint with its plethora of all time teams for you to play with. We’ve got every all time and classic team available in the game.

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There are an excessive amount of all-time teams for you to choose from and we’re here to provide you with a list of every available team, and their starting lineups, roster and player ratings. Players should be aware that each NBA has an “all-time” team that players can use, but there are also select teams for various seasons in the history of the NBA that are useable. Here are my top all-time teams to play with:


04-05 Phoenix Suns

As a lifelong Suns fan, I love playing with this squad as it allows me to reminisce on the good ‘ol days. For any that do not know, the Suns were actually a good team in the previous decade. Led by MVP Steve Nash and high-flying Amar’e Stoudemire, this team was all offense and fast breaks. Unfortunately, they were never able to make it to the NBA Finals despite consistently being amongst the top teams in the regular season.

Name OVR Position Height
Steve Nash 94 PG 6″3′
Amare Stoudemire 88 PF 6″10′
Shawn Marion 85 SF 6″7′
Joe Johnson 80 SF 6″7′
Quentin Richardson 77 SG 6″6′
Steven Hunter 73 C 7″0′
Jim Jackson 71 SG 6″6′
Leandro Barbosa 71 SG 6″3′
Bo Outlaw 68 PF 6″8′    

97-98 Utah Jazz

This Jazz squad is fun due to some of the historical greats on the roster. Karl “The Mailman” Malone is second all-time in career points. John Stockton is the all-time leader in career assists and steals. Jeff Hornacek is a familiar face as a recent head coach of the Phoenix Suns and New York Knicks. While this squad lost in the finals to the Michael Jordan-led bulls, they are still the greatest squad to ever come through Salt Lake City.

Name OVR Position Height
Karl Malone 91 PF 6″9′
John Stockton 90 PG 6″1′
Jeff Hornacek 81 SG 6″3′
Bryon Russell 75 SF 6″7′
Shandon Anderson 71 SG 6″6′
Howard Eisley 71 PG 6″2′
Greg Ostertag 69 C 7″2′
Antoine Carr 68 PF 6″9′
Greg Foster 67 C 6″11′
Adam Keefe 67 C 6″9′


11-12 Oklahoma City Thunder

This team shows how great advanced scouting, prior to the draft, can land you incredible talent. The Thunder drafted Westbrook, Harden and Durant (all in separate years) and almost won a title. After losing in the finals to the Miami Heat, each player went on to win MVP awards in separate seasons and on separate teams. It’s fun to get 3 of the top players in the current league on one team, albeit before their prime years.

Name OVR Position Height
Kevin Durant 96 SF 6″9′
Russell Westbrook 89 PG 6″3′
James Harden 87 SG 6″5′
Serge Ibaka 86 PF 6″10′
Thabo Sefolosha 75 SG 6″7′
Cole Aldrich 74 C 6″11′
Daequan Cook 74 SG 6″5′
Nick Collison 73 PF 6″10′
Derek Fisher 73 PG 6″1′
Reggie Jackson 72 PG 6″3′

03-04 Detroit Pistons

This Pistons squad is fun to play with as arguably one of the best teams during the early 2000s. They made it to six consecutive Eastern Conference Finals and won the 2004 NBA title. They hoped for more success but settled for just one title.

Name OVR Position Height
Chauncey Billups 90 PG 6″3′
Ben Wallace 87 C 6″9′
Richard Hamilton 87 SG 6″6′
Corliss Williamson 75 SF 6″7′
Darko Milicic 69 C 7″0′
Elden Campbell 69 C 6″11′
Darvin Ham 69 SF 6″7′
Lindsey Hunter 68 PG 6″2′

86-87 Los Angeles Lakers

Talk about well-rounded…this Lakers squad is essentially the equivalent of the modern day Golden State Warriors. With all-time greats in Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the squad won titles in ’85, ’87 and ’88. If you want to play on EZ mode, roll with this team.

Name OVR Position Height
Magic Johnson 98 PG 6″9′
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 93 C 7″2′
Michael Cooper 86 SG 6″5′
Byron Scott 84 SG 6″3′
James Worthy 84 SF 6″9′
A.C. Green 75 PF 6″9′
Kurt Rambis 72 PF 6″8′
Billy Thompson 69 SF 6″7′
Mychal Thompson 69 PF 6″10′
Frank Brickowski 67 PF 6″9′

Here’s the rest of the all-time teams you can use:

64-65 Boston Celtics

Behind Hall of Famer Bill Russell and the great coach Red Auerbach, this Celtics squad finished with a 62-18 record to finish first in the Eastern Conference. They ended up winning the title with a 4-1 series victory over the Los Angeles Lakers.

Name OVR Position Height
Bill Russell 96 C 6″10′
Sam Jones 89 SG 6″4′
K.C. Jones 85 PG 6″1′
John Havlicek 84 SG 6″5′
Tom Sanders 83 PF 6″6′
Tom Heinsohn 81 SF 6″7′
Larry Siegfried 71 SG 6″3′
Mel Counts 70 C 7″0′
John Thompson 66 PF 6″10′    

64-65 Los Angeles Lakers

Many readers may not know this but todays’ NBA logo is actually a silhouette of Jerry West, the leader of this Lakers squad. This season, they finished with a 49-31 record to finish first in the Western Conference. As mentioned above, they would lose in the Finals to the Celtics.

Name OVR Position Height
Elgin Baylor 92 SF 6″5′
Jerry West 92 PG 6″2′
Rudy LaRusso 80 PF 6″7′
Dick Barnett 76 SG 6″4′
Don Nelson 68 SF 6″6′
Jim King 67 PG 6″2′
Richard Johnson 69 C 6″7’

70-71 Milwaukee Bucks

The combo of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (in his season season) and Oscar “The Big O” Robertson brought a championship to Milwaukee for the only time in its franchise history. Behind a record of 66-16, this squad would go on to sweep the Bullets in the Finals.

Name OVR Position Height
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 97 C 7″2′
Oscar Robertson 94 PG 6″5′
Bob Dandridge 84 SF 6″6′
Jon McGlocklin 75 SG 6″5′
Greg Smith 72 PF 6″5′
Lucius Allen 71 PG 6″2′
Dick Cunningham 68 C 6″10′

70-71 Los Angeles Lakers

This Lakers squad is all too similar to some of the more recent Lakers squads we’ve seen, one filled with all-stars in the later years of their careers. With Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain and Elgin Baylor all wrapping up their careers soon after this season, the Lakers put together a 48-34 record and lost in the Conference finals to the eventual NBA champion Bucks.

Name OVR Position Height
Jerry West 94 PG 6″2′
Wilt Chamberlain 93 C 7″1′
Gail Goodrich 84 SG 6″5′
Elgin Baylor 77 SF 6″5′
Jim McMillian 73 SF 6″5′
Keith Erickson 72 SF 6″5′
Rick Roberson 68 C 6″9′
Willie McCarter 66 SG 6″3′

71-72 New York Knicks

Behind the efforts of the All-NBA star, Walt Frazier, this Knicks team finished with a season record of 48-34. They were only 3rd in the eastern conference, but somehow managed to find their way to the NBA finals. Unfortunately, they would lose the series 1-4 to the Lakers.

Name OVR Position Height
Walt Frazier 91 PG 6″4′
Jerry Lucas 85 C 6″8′
Dave DeBusschere 83 PF 6″6′
Willis Reed 82 C 6″9′
Earl Monroe 80 SG 6″3′
Bill Bradley 77 SF 6″5′
Dick Barnett 76 SG 6″4′
Phil Jackson 71 PF 6″8′
Luther Rackley 66 C 6″10′

76-77 Philadelphia 76ers

This season marked the first year following a merger of the NBA and the ABA, one in which Julius “Dr. J” Erving came to the 76ers. They went on to finish with a 50-32 record and 1st place finish out east. Unfortunately, they lost in the Finals to the Trail Blazers, 2-4.

Name OVR Position Height
Julius Erving 94 SF 6″7′
George McGinnis 84 PF 6″8′
Doug Collins 80 SG 6″6′
World B. Free 80 SG 6″2′
Henry Bibby 79 PG 6″1′
Darryl Dawkins 74 C 6″11′
Mike Dunleavy 72 PG 6″3′
Joe Bryant 71 PF 6″9′
Harvey Catchings 69 C 6″9′
Steve Mix 69 SF 6″7′

84-85 Milwaukee Bucks

This was one of the more well-rounded squads in Bucks history and they would finish the regular season with a 59-23 record, good for second place in the east. In the playoffs, they would be eliminated in the conference semifinals after being swept by Philadelphia.

Name OVR Position Height
Sidney Moncrief 89 SG 6″3′
Paul Pressey 85 SF 6″5′
Terry Cummings 83 PF 6″9′
Alton Lister 76 C 7″0′
Ricky Pierce 76 SG 6″4′
Mike Dunleavy 75 PG 6″3′
Craig Hodges 72 SG 6″2′
Randy Breuer 69 C 7″3′
Charles Davis 67 SF 6″7′
Paul Mokeski 67 C 7″0′

85-86 Chicago Bulls

This Bulls squad is a pretty unique one as it made the playoffs with one of the worst records for a playoff team all-time at 30-52. Much of this had to do with the fact that Michael Jordan, in just his second NBA season, had to miss 64 games due to a broken foot. While they would get swept by the Celtics, Jordan set the record for points in a playoff game at 63.

Name OVR Position Height
Michael Jordan 91 SG 6″6′
George Gervin 82 SG 6″7′
Charles Oakley 77 PF 6″8′
Kyle Macy 72 PG 6″3′
Sidney Green 71 PF 6″9′
John Paxson 70 PG 6″2′
Dave Corzine 69 C 6″11′
Rod Higgins 66 SF 6″7′

85-86 Boston Celtics

Widely considered one of the greatest of all-time, this Lakers team finished with a regular season record of 67-15 and won the NBA Finals over the Rockets with a 4-2 finish. With Hall of Fame players Larry Bird and Kevin McHale, this lineup was hard to beat.

Name OVR Position Height
Larry Bird 97 SF 6″9′
Kevin McHale 90 PF 6″10′
Robert Parish 85 C 7″0′
Dennis Johnson 84 PG 6″4′
Danny Ainge 78 SG 6″4′
Bill Walton 76 C 6″11′
Scott Wedman 73 SF 6″7′
Sam Vincent 68 SG 6″2′
Jerry Sichting 67 PG 6″1′

85-86 Atlanta Hawks

What a time to be an NBA fan. The eastern conference was loaded with three of the all-time teams on this list. The Hawks posted a 50-32 regular season record and lost in the eastern conference semifinals. The roster featured Dominique “the Human Highlight Reel” Wilkins, Doc Rivers (now coaching the Los Angeles Clippers) and Spud Webb (5’7″ slam dunk contest winner).

Name OVR Position Height
Dominique Wilkins 90 SF 6″7′
Doc Rivers 79 PG 6″4′
Kevin Willis 76 C 7″0′
Randy Wittman 73 SG 6″6′
Jon Koncak 72 C 7″0′
Spud Webb 77 PG 5″6′
Cliff Levingston 70 PF 6″8′
Tree Rollins 70 C 7″1′
Antoine Carr 67 PF 6″9′
Eddie Johnson 67 PG 6″2′
Scott Hastings 65 PF 6″10′

88-89 Detroit Pistons

This well-rounded Pistons teams finished first in the east with a 63-19 regular season record. Behind the efforts of Isiah Thomas and Joe Dumars, they would go on to win a championship by sweeping the Lakers in the Finals.

Name OVR Position Height
Isiah Thomas 89 PG 6″1′
Joe Dumars 88 SG 6″3′
Dennis Rodman 81 PF 6″7′
Mark Aguirre 80 SF 6″6′
Bill Laimbeer 80 C 6″11′
Vinnie Johnson 77 SG 6″2′
Rick Mahorn 74 PF 6″10′
John Salley 69 PF 6″11′
James Edwards 67 C 7″0′
Darryl Dawkins 66 C 6″11′

88-89 Chicago Bulls

As you go down this list, you’ll start to notice several Bulls teams with an even better Michael Jordan each time. This Bulls team wasn’t all that special in terms of record (47-35), but their eastern conference losing finish seems to be around the time when the lightbulb seemed to turn on for Jordan. It wouldn’t be long before his rise to the GOAT would begin.

Name OVR Position Height
Michael Jordan 96 SG 6″6′
Scottie Pippen 80 SF 6″8′
Horace Grant 78 PF 6″10′
Bill Cartwright 74 C 7″1′
Craig Hodges 73 SG 6″2′
Sam Vincent 72 PG 6″2′
John Paxson 70 PG 6″2′
Brad Sellers 67 C 7″0′
Dave Corzine 65 C 6″11′
Will Perdue 65 C 7″0′
Charles Davis 64 SF 6″7′

89-90 Cleveland Cavaliers

Wait a minute…you mean to tell me the Cavaliers had a decent team without LeBron James on the roster? Hate to say it, but this squad was not half bad. They finished with a 42-40 record and lost in the first round of the playoffs, but NBA fans get to experience some cool history here. Larry Nance was on this Cavs squad, his son now plays for the Cavs. Steve Kerr, current head coach of the Golden State Warriors, was also a member of the team before his championship runs with the Bulls.

Name OVR Position Height
Mark Price 86 PG 6″0′
Brad Daugherty 83 C 7″0′
Larry Nance 83 PF 6″10′
Craig Ehlo 75 SG 6″6′
Steve Kerr 74 PG 6″3′
Chucky Brown 71 SF 6″7′
Reggie Williams 71 SF 6″7′
Tree Rollins 67 C 7″1′
Paul Mokeski 65 C 7″0′

90-91 Chicago Bulls

And here comes the reign of terror led by his airness, Michael Jordan. This team finished 1st in the east with a 61-21 record and won in the Finals, 4-1, in the first of three straight NBA titles.

Name OVR Position Height
Michael Jordan 98 SG 6″6′
Scottie Pippen 87 SF 6″8′
Horace Grant 79 PF 6″10′
B.J. Armstrong 74 PG 6″2′
Bill Cartwright 73 C 7″1′
John Paxson 73 PG 6″2′
Stacey King 72 PF 6″11′
Will Perdue 72 C 7″0′
Craig Hodges 70 SG 6″2′
Scott Williams 69 PF 6″10′
Cliff Levingston 66 PF 6″8′

90-91 Los Angeles Lakers

This season was an interesting one for the Lakers. Magic Johnson was no longer at his peak and Kareem had retired, but this group somehow managed to make it to an NBA Finals (only to lose to the Bulls 1-4). With a regular season record of 58-24, this year would mark the end of Magic’s true basketball career due to contracting HIV.

Name OVR Position Height
Magic Johnson 93 PG 6″9′
James Worthy 86 SF 6″9′
Vlade Divac 77 C 7″1′
A.C. Green 76 PF 6″9′
Byron Scott 76 SG 6″3′
Sam Perkins 75 PF 6″9′
Larry Drew 70 PG 6″1′
Elden Campbell 68 C 6″11′
Mychal Thompson 65 C 6″10′

90-91 Portland Trail Blazers

This Trail Blazers team posted a league best 63-19 record. While expectations were high, they would be eliminated by the Lakers in the western conference finals. Clyde Drexler, Terry Porter and Kevin Duckworth were members of the NBA All-Star game that season.

Name OVR Position Height
Clyde Drexler 91 SG 6″7′
Terry Porter 81 PG 6″3′
Jerome Kersey 80 SF 6″7′
Drazen Petrovic 79 SG 6″5′
Buck Williams 77 PF 6″8′
Kevin Duckworth 76 C 7″0′
Danny Ainge 75 SG 6″4′
Mark Bryant 69 PF 6″9′

90-91 Golden State Warriors

This Warriors team didnt have it quite as easy as the modern Warriors. They finished with a 44-38 record and lost in the western conference semifinals to the Lakers. The big 3 on this team were Chris Mullin, Mitch Richmond and Tim Hardaway, which would be nicknamed “Run TMC”.  

Name OVR Position Height
Chris Mullin 90 SF 6″6′
Tim Hardaway 86 PG 6″0′
Mitch Richmond 84 SG 6″5′
Tyrone Hill 76 PF 6″9′
Alton Lister 74 C 7″0′
Sarunas Marciulionis 74 SG 6″5′
Rod Higgins 73 SF 6″7′
Mario Elie 69 SF 6″5′
Vincent Askew 66 SG 6″6′
Paul Mokeski 66 C 7″0′
Tom Tolbert 65 PF 6″7′

92-93 Chicago Bulls

This Bulls squad got to enjoy Michael Jordan in peak form. Finishing 57-25 in the regular season, the Bulls would be faced with the extremely difficult task of 3-peating. They would go on to beat my Phoenix Suns in the Finals, with a series record of 4-2.

Name OVR Position Height
Michael Jordan 99 SG 6″6′
Scottie Pippen 92 SF 6″8′
Horace Grant 81 PF 6″10′
Stacey King 74 C 6″11′
B.J. Armstrong 74 PG 6″2′
Bill Cartwright 73 C 7″1′
Scott Williams 73 PF 6″10′
John Paxson 71 PG 6″2′
Will Perdue 71 C 7″0′
Rodney McCray 67 SF 6″7′
Ed Nealy 65 PF 6″7′

92-93 Charlotte Hornets

This Hornets team was special due to the success they saw as an expansion team. The starting lineup is fun to play with due to the greatness of Alonzo Mourning, the youth and potential of Larry Johnson, the shortest ever size of Muggsy Bogues and Dell Curry (father of Stephen Curry). They finished 44-38 and lost to the Knicks in the conference semifinals.  

Name OVR Position Height
Alonzo Mourning 85 C 6″10′
Larry Johnson 83 PF 6″6′
Kendall Gill 79 SG 6″3′
Muggsy Bogues 78 PG 5″3′
Dell Curry 77 SG 6″4′
Johnny Newman 74 SF 6″7′
David Wingate 71 SF 6″5′
Kenny Gattison 70 PF 6″8′
Sidney Green 70 PF 6″9′
Tony Bennett 66 PG 6″0′
Kevin Lynch 62 SG 6″5′

93-94 Houston Rockets

Behind MVP Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon, this team went on to win an NBA title over the Knicks in a thrilling 7-game series. With a season record of 58-24, the Rockets would finish 2nd in the western conference.

Name OVR Position Height
Hakeem Olajuwon 96 C 7″0′
Otis Thorpe 80 PF 6″9′
Kenny Smith 76 PG 6″3′
Sam Cassell 75 PG 6″3′
Robert Horry 74 SF 6″9′
Vernon Maxwell 74 SG 6″4′
Mario Elie 72 SG 6″5′
Scott Brooks 71 PG 5″11′
Matt Bullard 66 PF 6″10′

93-94 Denver Nuggets

The only reason this Nuggets team made the all-time list of teams for NBA 2K19 is so players could play with Dikembe Mutombo in his younger years. In all seriousness, this team finished with a 42-40 record and lost in the conference semifinals. The team had potential after acquiring All-Star guard Alvin Robertson via trade, but Robertson missed the season due to a back injury. 

Name OVR Position Height
Dikembe Mutombo 83 C 7″2′
Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf 81 PG 6″1′
Reggie Williams 78 SF 6″7′
LaPhonso Ellis 77 PF 6″8′
Robert Pack 76 PG 6″2′
Bryant Stith 74 SG 6″5′
Rodney Rogers 71 SF 6″7′
Tom Hammonds 69 PF 6″9′

94-95 New York Knicks

There was a time when the Knicks were pretty special, even though modern fans may not believe it. Led by Patrick Ewing, this team finished second in the east behind a 55-27 record. They would go on to lose in the conference semis to the Pacers.

Name OVR Position Height
Patrick Ewing 90 C 7″0′
John Starks 79 SG 6″3′
Charles Oakley 78 PF 6″8′
Derek Harper 76 PG 6″4′
Greg Anthony 73 PG 6″0′
Hubert Davis 73 SG 6″5′
Charles Smith 73 SF 6″10′
Doug Christie 69 SG 6″6′
Anthony Bonner 68 PF 6″8′
Herb Williams 65 C 6″10′
Monty Williams 65 SF 6″8′

94-95 Orlando Magic

Nothing says 90s basketball quite like Shaq and Penny in Magic jerseys. This team was pretty loaded and won the eastern conference regular season title with a 57-25 record. After knocking off the Bulls following Michael Jordan’s return from baseball, the Magic would eventually make it to the Finals. Unfortunately, they would be swept by the Rockets. 

Name OVR Position Height
Shaquille O’Neal 93 C 7″1′
Penny Hardaway 85 PG 6″7′
Dennis Scott 81 SF 6″8′
Horace Grant 80 PF 6″10′
Nick Anderson 79 SG 6″6′
Donald Royal 72 SF 6″8′
Brian Shaw 72 PG 6″6′
Anthony Bowie 70 SG 6″6′
Tree Rollins 69 C 7″1′
Jeff Turner 69 PF 6″9′    

95-96 Chicago Bulls

Now that Michael was back from baseball, it was back to business and no more messing around. This was the start of the Bulls second 3-peat with the new addition of Dennis Rodman. They dominated the regular season with a 72-10 record, one that would not be broken until the 2015-16 Warriors bested it. They beat the Seattle SuperSonics 4-2 in the Finals.    

Name OVR Position Height
Michael Jordan 99 SG 6″6′
Scottie Pippen 93 SF 6″8′
Dennis Rodman 86 PF 6″7′
Toni Kukoc 80 SF 6″10′
Ron Harper 78 PG 6″6′
Luc Longley 74 C 7″2′
Steve Kerr 73 PG 6″3′
John Salley 67 PF 6″11′
Dickey Simpkins 67 PF 6″9′
Bill Wennington 67 C 7″0′
Jud Buechler 66 SF 6″6′
James Edwards 64 C 7″0′
Randy Brown 63 PG 6″2′

95-96 Seattle Supersonics

Prior to moving to Oklahoma City, the franchise known as the Thunder was formerly known as the Seattle SuperSonics. Kemp and Payton made for a potent combo and led the western conference with a 64-18 record. Unfortunately, it was not enough to take on the Chicago Bulls as they fell in the Finals.

Name OVR Position Height
Gary Payton 94 PG 6″4′
Shawn Kemp 88 PF 6″10′
Detlef Schrempf 83 SF 6″9′
Hersey Hawkins 78 SG 6″3′
Sam Perkins 76 PF 6″9′
Ervin Johnson 73 C 6″11′
Nate McMillan 73 PG 6″5′
Eric Snow 71 PG 6″3′
Vincent Askew 70 SG 6″6′
David Wingate 70 SG 6″6′
Frank Brickowski 68 C 6″9′

96-97 Miami Heat

This Heat team found success during head coach Pat Riley’s first run with the franchise. They finished second in the east with a record of 61-21, but would lose in the conference finals to the Bulls.

Name OVR Position Height
Alonzo Mourning 92 C 6″10′
Tim Hardaway 87 PG 6″0′
P.J. Brown 83 PF 6″11′
Jamal Mashburn 78 SF 6″8′
Dan Majerle 77 SG 6″6′
Isaac Austin 76 C 6″10′
Keith Askins 72 SF 6″7′
John Crotty 72 PG 6″1′
Bruce Bowen 69 SF 6″7′

97-98 Chicago Bulls

Here we have Michael again, but on a slight overall decline. He would lead his bulls to a 62-20 regular season record and the last of his 6 titles by defeating the Utah Jazz 4-2.

Name OVR Position Height
Michael Jordan 98 SG 6″6′
Scottie Pippen 88 SF 6″8′
Dennis Rodman 83 PF 6″7′
Toni Kukoc 78 SF 6″10′
Ron Harper 77 PG 6″6′
Luc Longley 73 C 7″2′
Steve Kerr 72 PG 6″3′
Dickey Simpkins 66 PF 6″9′
Bill Wennington 65 C 7″0′
Randy Brown 63 PG 6″2′
Jud Buechler 63 SF 6″6′

97-98 Los Angeles Lakers

Right as Michael and the Bulls exit center stage, the Lakers are ready to start their ascent. Kobe Bryant was in his second season and Shaq was dominating the paint. They finished third out west behind 4 All-Stars and a 61-21 record. They lost in the western conference finals to the Jazz, but were ready to start a new reign of terror in the near future.

Name OVR Position Height
Shaquille O’Neal 93 C 7″1′
Nick Van Exel 83 PG 6″1′
Kobe Bryant 82 SG 6″6′
Eddie Jones 82 SG 6″6′
Rick Fox 79 SF 6″7′
Derek Fisher 74 PG 6″1′
Robert Horry 74 PF 6″9′
Elden Campbell 70 PF 6″11′
Jon Barry 67 SG 6″4′
Corie Blount 67 PF 6″9′

97-98 San Antonio Spurs

Any true Suns fan can relate to me on this, but I absolutely hate the Spurs. It pains me to see one of their best squads, but I find joy in the fact that it was a wasted season after losing to the Jazz in the western conference semifinals.

Name OVR Position Height
David Robinson 91 C 7″1′
Tim Duncan 87 PF 6″11′
Sean Elliott 78 SF 6″8′
Avery Johnson 76 PG 5″10′
Vinny Del Negro 75 SG 6″4′
Will Perdue 71 C 7″0′
Chuck Person 70 PF 6″8′
Jaren Jackson 69 SG 6″4′
Monty Williams 68 SF 6″8′

98-99 New York Knicks

The Knicks beefed up their roster by adding Sprewell and Camby prior to starting this lockout-shortened season. The team barely squeezed in to the playoffs with a 27-23 record that landed them an 8th seed. They made it all the way to the Finals, but lost 1-4 against the Spurs. 

Name OVR Position Height
Patrick Ewing 84 C 7″0′
Latrell Sprewell 84 SF 6″5′
Allan Houston 83 SG 6″6′
Larry Johnson 80 PF 6″6′
Marcus Camby 79 C 6″11′
Charlie Ward 76 PG 6″2′
Chris Dudley 71 C 6″11′
Herb Williams 66 C 6″10′
David Wingate 66 SG 6″5′    

99-00 Toronto Raptors

While Muggsy Bogues was past his prime and Tracy McGrady was still developing for this season, the combination of the two with Vince Carter was extremely exciting to watch. Their regular season record of 45-37 and first round playoff exit was nothing to write home about, but at least they looked good on paper.

Name OVR Position Height
Vince Carter 92 SG 6″6′
Tracy McGrady 82 SG 6″8′
Doug Christie 78 SG 6″6′
Antonio Davis 77 C 6″9′
Muggsy Bogues 75 PG 5″3′
Charles Oakley 75 PF 6″8′
Alvin Williams 75 PG 6″5′
Kevin Willis 73 C 7″0′
Dee Brown 72 PG 6″1′
Dell Curry 72 SG 6″4′    

99-00 Portland Trail Blazers

This was one of the best Blazers lineups in franchise history. Some might recognize Arvydas Sabonis as the father of current player Domantas Sabonis. This team finished with a 59-23 record and lost in the western conference finals.

Name OVR Position Height
Arvydas Sabonis 86 C 7″3′
Scottie Pippen 85 SF 6″8′
Steve Smith 81 SG 6″7′
Damon Stoudamire 77 PG 5″10′
Stacey Augmon 75 SG 6″8′
Detlef Schrempf 75 SF 6″9′
Bonzi Wells 75 SF 6″5′
Jermaine O’Neal 74 C 6″11′
Brian Grant 73 PF 6″9′
Greg Anthony 72 PG 6″0′    

00-01 Philadelphia 76ers

Some have called Allen Iverson the greatest “pound-for-pound” player of all time and you get to abuse his talents on this roster. During this MVP season, Iverson led his team to a first place east finish of 56-26. They would lose to the Lakers in the Finals, 1-4.

Name OVR Position Height
Allen Iverson 94 SG 6″0′
Dikembe Mutombo 81 C 7″2′
Aaron McKie 77 PG 6″5′
Eric Snow 76 PG 6″3′
Tyrone Hill 76 PF 6″9′
George Lynch 70 SF 6″8′
Matt Geiger 69 C 7″1′
Jumaine Jones 68 SF 6″8′
Todd MacCulloch 68 C 7″0′

00-01 Los Angeles Lakers

We find ourselves in the middle of the Lakers 3-peat and the middle of the Shaq-Kobe feud for best player on the team. As you can tell by their ratings, it was awfully close. They finished with a 56-26 record and would beat the 76ers in the Finals, 4-1. 

Name OVR Position Height
Shaquille O’Neal 97 C 7″1′
Kobe Bryant 95 SG 6″6′
Horace Grant 80 PF 6″10′
Rick Fox 79 SF 6″7′
Derek Fisher 77 PG 6″1′
Isaiah Rider 76 SG 6″5′
Ron Harper 74 PG 6″6′
Robert Horry 74 PF 6″9′
Brian Shaw 72 SG 6″6′
Tyronn Lue 72 PG 6″0′
Mark Madsen 72 PF 6″9′
Devean George 69 SF 6″8′

01-02 Sacramento Kings

This may well be the best Kings team in franchise history. A team that finished first out west with a 61-21 record, they had their dreams cut short with a western conference finals loss to the Lakers.

Name OVR Position Height
Chris Webber 90 PF 6″9′
Peja Stojakovic 87 SF 6″9′
Vlade Divac 86 C 7″1′
Mike Bibby 82 PG 6″1′
Doug Christie 80 SG 6″6′
Bobby Jackson 79 PG 6″1′
Scot Pollard 77 C 6″11′
Gerald Wallace 75 SF 6″7′
Chucky Brown 69 PG 6″2′    

01-02 New Jersey Nets

Jason Kidd in his prime – great times. This team would get swept in the Finals by the Shaq-Kobe Lakers, but led the east with a 52-30 record.

Name OVR Position Height
Jason Kidd 92 PG 6″4′
Kenyon Martin 83 PF 6″9′
Keith Van Horn 82 SF 6″10′
Kerry Kittles 80 SG 6″5′
Richard Jefferson 77 SF 6″7′
Todd MacCulloch 71 C 7″0′
Brian Scalabrine 70 PF 6″9′

02-03 Dallas Mavericks

This great Dallas squad featured Dirk and a pre-MVP Steve Nash, both with bleached-blonde hair. A record of 60-22 was good enough for a 3rd place finish in the west, but they lost the western conference finals to the Spurs.

Name OVR Position Height
Dirk Nowitzki 90 PF 7″0′
Steve Nash 86 PG 6″3′
Michael Finley 82 SF 6″7′
Nick Van Exel 81 SG 6″1′
Shawn Bradley 75 C 7″6′
Raef LaFrentz 73 C 6″11′
Eduardo Najera 73 SF 6″8′
Avery Johnson 70 PG 5″10′
Adrian Griffin 70 SG 6″5′

03-04 Los Angeles Lakers

In Shaq’s final season with the Lakers, the LA franchise tried to load up on veteran stars in hopes of giving Gary Payton and Karl Malone one last shot at winning a title. It almost worked as their 56-26 record carried them to the Finals, only to lose 1-4 to the Pistons.

Name OVR Position Height
Kobe Bryant 95 SG 6″6′
Shaquille O’Neal 95 C 7″1′
Karl Malone 83 PF 6″9′
Gary Payton 83 PG 6″4′
Derek Fisher 74 PG 6″1′
Rick Fox 74 SF 6″7′
Devean George 74 SF 6″8′
Horace Grant 74 PF 6″10′
Bryon Russell 72 SF 6″7′
Luke Walton 70 SF 6″8′

03-04 Minnesota Timberwolves

This was KG at his prime, prior to his days in Boston. He was capable of posting double-doubles like a machine and carried the load for this team to a record of 58-24. They finished first in the west, but lost in the western conference finals to the Lakers.

Name OVR Position Height
Kevin Garnett 96 PF 6″11′
Sam Cassell 85 PG 6″3′
Latrell Sprewell 82 SF 6″5′
Wally Szczerbiak 78 SF 6″7′
Trenton Hassell 71 SG 6″5′
Fred Hoiberg 71 SG 6″4′
Mark Madsen 71 PF 6″9′
Ervin Johnson 69 C 6″11′
Gary Trent 68 C 6″8′

04-05 San Antonio Spurs

Tim Duncan at his best and Parker and Ginobili in their younger years. After posting a regular season record of 59-23, this squad went on to win the Finals in a seven-game series vs the Pistons.

Name OVR Position Height
Tim Duncan 98 PF 6″11′
Tony Parker 89 PG 6″2′
Manu Ginobili 87 SG 6″6′
Bruce Bowen 82 SF 6″7′
Brent Barry 76 SG 6″6′
Robert Horry 76 PF 6″9′
Beno Udrih 73 PG 6″3′

05-06 Memphis Grizzlies

Memphis had high hopes for this squad that finished with a 49-33 record, but lost in the first round of the playoffs. After failing to succeed with this lineup, Memphis decided to trade away Pau Gasol a few seasons later for a package of players including his younger brother Marc.

Name OVR Position Height
Pau Gasol 90 SF 7″0′
Mike Miller 82 SG 6″8′
Shane Battier 80 SF 6″8′
Eddie Jones 78 SG 6″6′
Bobby Jackson 75 PG 6″1′
Damon Stoudamire 74 PG 5″10′
Dahntay Jones 72 SF 6″6′
Brian Cardinal 70 PF 6″8′

05-06 Miami Heat

This Heat team came out a little slow to start the season, but finished with a 52-30 record after a coaching change. Wade in his youth, Shaq and Payton at the end of their careers – they would go on to win a title over the Mavericks finishing 4-2. 

Name OVR Position Height
Dwyane Wade 94 SG 6″4′
Shaquille O’Neal 89 C 7″1′
Antoine Walker 77 PF 6″8′
Jason Williams 77 PG 6″1′
Gary Payton 76 PG 6″4′
Alonzo Mourning 75 C 6″10′
Udonis Haslem 74 PF 6″8′
James Posey 74 SF 6″8′
Shandon Anderson 60 SF 6″6′

06-07 Cleveland Cavaliers

After just a few years in Cleveland, LeBron was able to lead this team to the NBA Finals. With a 50-32 record, they finished second in the east. They were eventually swept by the Spurs in the Finals. 

Name OVR Position Height
LeBron James 96 SF 6″8′
Larry Hughes 82 SG 6″5′
Zydrunas Ilgauskas 82 C 7″3′
Anderson Varejao 76 C 6″10′
Daniel Gibson 75 PG 6″2′
Donyell Marshall 74 PF 6″9′
Damon Jones 73 PG 6″3′
Scot Pollard 72 C 6″11′
Eric Snow 72 PG 6″3′
David Wesley 71 SG 6″1′

06-07 Golden State Warriors

This Warriors squad was actually not a very good regular season team, finishing with a 42-40 record and barely squeezing in to the playoffs in the 8th spot. The reason this team makes the list is due to the fact that they shocked the world by upsetting the number 1 seeded Dallas Mavericks in the opening round of the playoffs, becoming only the third team to ever pull that off. They would be knocked out the very next round against the Jazz. 

Name OVR Position Height
Baron Davis 89 PG 6″3′
Jason Richardson 81 SG 6″6′
Stephen Jackson 81 SF 6″8′
Al Harrington 81 PF 6″9′
Matt Barnes 76 SF 6″7′
Adonal Foyle 76 C 6″10′
Kelenna Azubuike 73 SG 6″5′

07-08 Boston Celtics

This is the Celtics squad the brought the franchise back to their winning ways after a couple of decades failing to win titles. After acquiring KG and Allen in the offseason, the team suddenly had a chance after struggling for so long. They would go on to finish with a 66-16 record, win the east and win the NBA Championship over their rivals the Lakers. 

Name OVR Position Height
Paul Pierce 92 SF 6″7′
Kevin Garnett 91 PF 6″11′
Ray Allen 88 SG 6″5′
Rajon Rondo 84 PG 6″1′
Leon Powe 76 PF 6″8′
James Posey 75 SF 6″8′
Tony Allen 74 SG 6″4′
Sam Cassell 74 PG 6″3′
P.J. Brown 73 PF 6″11′
Scot Pollard 72 C 6″11′
Brian Scalabrine 70 PF 6″9′

07-08 New Orleans Hornets

This was probably the best squad that Chris Paul had at his disposal in New Orleans. They finished 2nd in the west that season with a 56-26 record, but lost to the Spurs in the second round.

Name OVR Position Height
Chris Paul 94 PG 6″0′
David West 87 SF 6″9′
Tyson Chandler 82 C 7″1′
Peja Stojakovic 81 SF 6″9′
Morris Peterson 76 SG 6″7′
Bonzi Wells 76 SG 6″5′
Chris Andersen 72 C 6″10′

07-08 Denver Nuggets

This season featured an extremely competitive western conference, where the Nuggets finished with a 50-32 record and 8th seed in western conference. The team got swept in the first round of playoffs as well, but the team is still fun to play with. 

Name OVR Position Height
Carmelo Anthony 90 SF 6″8′
Allen Iverson 88 SG 6″0′
Marcus Camby 87 C 6″11′
J.R. Smith 80 SG 6″6′
Kenyon Martin 78 PF 6″9′
Nene 75 PF 6″11′
Steven Hunter 73 C 7″0′
Eduardo Najera 73 PF 6″8′

07-08 Houston Rockets

T-Mac during some of his prime years with arguably his best team. They finished with a 55-27 record and a first round loss to the Jazz. You get to play with iconic Chinese big man, Yao Ming, on this team as well.

Name OVR Position Height
Tracy McGrady 90 SG 6″8′
Yao Ming 88 C 7″6′
Shane Battier 79 SF 6″8′
Luther Head 75 PG 6″3′
Bobby Jackson 75 PG 6″1′
Carl Landry 75 PF 6″9′
Luis Scola 75 PF 6″9′
Aaron Brooks 74 PG 6″0′
Dikembe Mutombo 74 C 7″2′
Steve Francis 73 PG 6″3′
Steve Novak 70 SF 6″10′

10-11 Chicago Bulls

This squad was all about MVP Derrick Rose, prior to his fall from greatness. They won the east during the regular season with a 62-20 record, but lost to the Heat 1-4 in the conference Finals.

Name OVR Position Height
Derrick Rose 93 PG 6″3′
Carlos Boozer 85 C 6″9′
Joakim Noah 85 C 6″11′
Luol Deng 84 SF 6″9′
Taj Gibson 76 PF 6″9′
Kyle Korver 73 SG 6″7′
C.J. Watson 73 PG 6″2′
Omer Asik 72 C 7″0′
Brian Scalabrine 68 PF 6″9′
John Lucas III 67 PG 5″11′    

10-11 Dallas Mavericks

This Dallas Mavericks squad shocked the world by beating the James/Wade/Bosh trio in Miami, 4-2. With a regular season record of 57-25 and a third place western finish, no one saw this finish coming.

Name OVR Position Height
Dirk Nowitzki 93 PF 7″0′
Tyson Chandler 85 C 7″1′
Jason Terry 84 PG 6″2′
Shawn Marion 81 SF 6″7′
Caron Butler 80 SF 6″7′
Jason Kidd 80 PG 6″2′
J.J. Barea 78 PG 6″0′
Peja Stojakovic 77 SF 6″9′
Corey Brewer 76 SG 6″9′
Brendan Haywood 74 C 7″0′
Ian Mahinmi 74 C 6″11′
Brian Cardinal 69 SF 6″8′

11-12 New York Knicks

This team was full of drama all season long, but has plenty of depth and exciting players. Carmelo and Amar’e were still solid players back then, Tyson Chandler was healthy and relevant and this emergence of Linsanity was at its peak. While they finished with a 36-30 record and a first round loss to the heat, players of 2K19 can at least have some fun with it. 

Name OVR Position Height
Carmelo Anthony 88 SF 6″8′
Tyson Chandler 87 C 7″1′
Amare Stoudemire 86 PF 6″10′
Jeremy Lin 85 PG 6″3′
J.R. Smith 78 SG 6″6′
Steve Novak 75 PF 6″10′
Iman Shumpert 75 SG 6″5′
Baron Davis 74 PG 6″3′
Jared Jeffries 73 PF 6″11′
Mike Bibby 72 PG 6″1′
Toney Douglas 70 PG 6″2′

12-13 Memphis Grizzlies

This Grizzlies squad was very well-rounded and featured an imposing frontcourt of Marc Gasol and Z-Bo. The backcourt of Conley and Allen was very good defensively and could slow down most opposing backcourts. They finished with a 56-26 record and would eventually lose in the conference finals to the Spurs.

Name OVR Position Height
Marc Gasol 89 C 7″1′
Mike Conley 86 PG 6″1′
Zach Randolph 86 PF 6″9′
Tony Allen 80 SG 6″4′
Ed Davis 76 PF 6″10′
Jerryd Bayless 75 PG 6″3′
Jon Leuer 74 PF 6″10′
Quincy Pondexter 74 SF 6″7′
Darrell Arthur 71 PF 6″9′

12-13 Miami Heat

The trio of James, Bosh and Wade got the job done this season behind a 66-16 record. They went on to win the NBA title in a grueling 4-3 finish over the Spurs.

Name OVR Position Height
LeBron James 98 SF 6″8′
Dwyane Wade 92 SG 6″4′
Ray Allen 77 SG 6″5′
Shane Battier 76 SF 6″8′
Mario Chalmers 76 PG 6″2′
Chris Andersen 75 C 6″10′
Norris Cole 74 PG 6″2′
Udonis Haslem 72 PF 6″8′
Rashard Lewis 72 PF 6″10′
Mike Miller 72 SG 6″8′
James Jones 67 SF 6″8′
Joel Anthony 64 C 6″9′

13-14 Indiana Pacers

The state of Indiana loves basketball and they love it even more when their team was keeping up with the league’s best. The Pacers were the only threat to the Heat out east and ear-blowing antics from Lance Stephenson were not enough to overcome the Heat in the conference finals.

Name OVR Position Height
Paul George 90 SF 6″9′
David West 84 PF 6″9′
Lance Stephenson 81 SG 6″5′
George Hill 79 PG 6″3′
Luis Scola 75 PF 6″9′
C.J. Watson 75 PG 6″2′
Lavoy Allen 73 PF 6″9′
Ian Mahinmi 73 C 6″11′
Evan Turner 72 SF 6″7′
Solomon Hill 70 SF 6″7′

15-16 Golden State Warriors

It’s crazy to think that this squad holds the regular season record of 73 wins in a season, but have supposedly gotten better with the acquisition of Kevin Durant. Even with the record for wins, some say the 96 Bulls were better since they won a title. This team blew a 3-1 lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers and lost the series in seven.

Name OVR Position Height
Stephen Curry 96 PG 6″3′
Klay Thompson 90 SG 6″7′
Draymond Green 89 PF 6″8′
Harrison Barnes 79 SF 6″8′
Andre Iguodala 79 SF 6″6′
Andrew Bogut 77 C 7″0′
Festus Ezeli 76 C 6″11′
Shaun Livingston 76 PG 6″7′
Marreese Speights 76 C 6″10′
Leandro Barbosa 75 SG 6″3′
Anderson Varejao 73 C 6″10′
Ian Clark 72 SG 6″3′
Brandon Rush 71 SG 6″6′
James Michael McAdoo 69 PF 6″9′
Kevon Looney 68 PF 6″9′