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NBA 2K18: Top 5 All-Time Teams

The storied NBA 2K franchise continues to go from strength to strength, and the new NBA 2K18 game is no exception. While new additions to the game such as the 'Neighborhood', increased brand presence and text messages from LaVar Ball have all been lauded, one new feature has been criminally overlooked.

The 'Play Now' mode is the generic exhibition-style game mode. Like in all sports video games, this is a mode which is very hard to change and revolutionize. Simply put, it is as close to pure basketball as a video game can be. However, the good folks over at 2K Sports managed to do what many would deem impossible - they revolutionized the 'Play Now' mode. How? By adding All-Time Teams.

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Saluting the great teams

The game features 30 All-Time teams - one for every NBA franchise. All-Time Teams give players the chance to fulfill their fantasies by testing out combinations and watching different eras clash. It's a surreal experience to see Wilt Chamberlain throw down a massive slam dunk off the back of a Stephen Curry lob. The dream backcourt of Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant can be lived out through the game, and you can even see LeBron James guard LeBron James by pitching the Miami Heat against the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

The seemingly endless combinations of matchups make the 'Play Now' mode very exciting. Before jumping into this mode, you may wonder who to start with. With 30 incredible All-Time Teams, this makes for a very hard decision. Here, though, I'm going to make it a little easier for you and rank the top five All-Time Teams.

5. San Antonio Spurs

All-Time SA 94 Tony Parker Starter
All-Time SA96GeorgeGervinStarter
All-Time SA94KawhiLeonardStarter
All-Time SA98TimDuncanStarter
All-Time SA96DavidRobinsonStarter
All-Time SA93ManuGinobili 
All-Time SA87SeanElliott 
All-Time SA86LaMarcusAldridge 
All-Time SA86BruceBowen 
All-Time SA85ArtisGilmore 
All-Time SA84DennisRodman 
All-Time SA83AveryJohnson 
All-Time SA83DannyGreen 
All-Time SA81VinnyDel Negro 
All-Time SA80RobertHorry

Imagine this team taking the floor in real life. They wouldn't let a basket it. Kawhi Leonard, David Robinson and Bruce Bowen - three of the greatest defensive players in NBA history. The partnership of Tim Duncan and David Robinson would nullify tams' ability to play small-ball, which would be incredibly effective in today's NBA. On the other side of the ball, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Leonard again can provide elite offensive play and be nearly unguardable.


4. Chicago Bulls

All-Time CHI 94 Derrick Rose Starter
All-Time CHI99MichaelJordanStarter
All-Time CHI96ScottiePippenStarter
All-Time CHI93DennisRodmanStarter
All-Time CHI93ArtisGilmoreStarter
All-Time CHI90JimmyButler 
All-Time CHI89JerrySloan 
All-Time CHI88BobLove 
All-Time CHI87JoakimNoah 
All-Time CHI86LuolDeng 
All-Time CHI85B.J.Armstrong 
All-Time CHI85ToniKukoc 
All-Time CHI85HoraceGrant 
All-Time CHI84CharlesOakley 
All-Time CHI81SteveKerr

I don't even need to justify this team's appearance on this list. Have a look at the second player on this list - the GOAT, Michael Jordan, rated 99 overall (the highest rating for a player in the game). Throw in Jordan's right-hand man Scottie Pippen, as well as some of his other 72-10 team mates, and this team hits every NBA fan with a welcome sense of nostalgia. Oh, and let's not forget this team boasts the youngest MVP ever, Derrick Rose.

3. Golden State Warriors

All-Time GS 96 Stephen Curry Starter
All-Time GS90KlayThompsonStarter
All-Time GS94ChrisMullinStarter
All-Time GS95RickBarryStarter
All-Time GS98WiltChamberlainStarter
All-Time GS96KevinDurant 
All-Time GS92NateThurmond 
All-Time GS90TimHardaway 
All-Time GS89BaronDavis 
All-Time GS89DraymondGreen 
All-Time GS88SleepyFloyd 
All-Time GS87MitchRichmond 
All-Time GS87JasonRichardson 
All-Time GS86LatrellSprewell 
All-Time GS86MontaEllis

This team may just be the definition of stacked. The Warriors' two lowest-rated players are both 86 overall. That's incredible. I want to make this point clear: This team could definitely beat the two teams ahead of them on this list. The reason I've placed the Warriors third is because of the over-reliance on the three-point shot. If it's working for them, they're unstoppable; no team will be able to beat them. However, if it's off, they may struggle against the heavyweights ranked above them. Stephen Curry (96), Kevin Durant (96) and Wilt Chamberlain (96) - these three alone could defeat the starting lineups of a few of the lower rated All-Time Teams. 


2. Boston Celtics

All-Time BOS 95 Bob Cousy Starter
All-Time BOS96JohnHavlicekStarter
All-Time BOS94PaulPierceStarter
All-Time BOS98LarryBirdStarter
All-Time BOS98BillRussellStarter
All-Time BOS95KevinMcHale 
All-Time BOS94DaveCowens 
All-Time BOS93RobertParish 
All-Time BOS92SamJones 
All-Time BOS91KevinGarnett 
All-Time BOS89IsaiahThomas 
All-Time BOS89RajonRondo 
All-Time BOS88RayAllen 
All-Time BOS88TomHeinsohn 
All-Time BOS87AntoineWalker

Firstly, I want to acknowledge that this team is stacked. The lowest-rated player, Antoine Walker, still notches an 87 overall. Imagine running into this team and coming face-to-face with one of the most intimidating partnerships imaginable, Larry Bird and Bill Russell. That's the beauty of this game mode, we can create partnerships just like that. But, this team is special because it features players from all eras. Not only that, these Celtics would excel at every facet of basketball.I spent a long time looking for any potential flaws, and came up short. All I could come up with is that due to the team boasting players from all eras, how would they adapt to one system and style of play? Maybe an even better question is, would they need to? Potentially not.

1. Los Angeles Lakers

All-Time LAL 99 Magic Johnson Starter
All-Time LAL97JerryWestStarter
All-Time LAL98KobeBryantStarter
All-Time LAL96KareemAbdul-JabbarStarter
All-Time LAL98ShaquilleO'NealStarter
All-Time LAL96ElginBaylor 
All-Time LAL95JamesWorthy 
All-Time LAL94GeorgeMikan 
All-Time LAL91WiltChamberlain 
All-Time LAL90PauGasol 
All-Time LAL90GailGoodrich 
All-Time LAL87JamaalWilkes 
All-Time LAL87ByronScott 
All-Time LAL86MichaelCooper 
All-Time LAL84DerekFisher

Did you think it would be anyone else? This is arguably the most prestigious franchise in NBA history. I don't even need to go into specifics with this squad, other than pointing out the lowest-rated member of their starting lineup is 96 overall. Yes, 96. Also, like Jordan, Johnson is rated 99 overall (Kobe Bryant should be, too). I can't find a weakness in this lineup and truly believe only the All-Time Celtics and the All-Time Warriors are the teams with a half-realistic chance of stealing a win against this squad. Just take another look at the squad - only four of the 15 players are rated under 90 overall. That is phenomenal.

What are your top five NBA 2K18 All-Time teams? Comment below!

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