PUBG Mobile Patch 0.16.0 – New updates, Gamemodes and more!

PUBG Mobile has released yet another update packed with new features for gamers!

The PUBG Mobile patch has started rolling out to both Android and iOS users, the update has several new features, improvements and bug fixes.

It is important to update your device as users on older versions will be unable to invite users on this new patch.

The official PUBG Mobile website released the following statement concerning the patch.

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Patch Notes

New EvoGround mode: RageGear

New Classic Mode Features

Snow Paradise

Healing Updates

The new Update for 0.16.0 will be available starting December 11th; the server will not be taken offline for this update.

This update requires approximately 0.67 GB of storage space on Android and iOS for users who have installed the older version.

Players on different patches will be unable to invite one another, so please update as soon as possible after the release.

Update before Dec 17th

50 Silver

2,888 BP

3 Day Winter Dress

New EvoGround mode – RageGear:

Players will be divided into two teams and randomly assigned as the driver or shooters

Destroy enemy vehicles to win

Each vehicle is installed with powerful weapons, including the mounted Gatling, mounted Shotgun, and mounted RPG.

The driver also gets to fire weapons while driving the vehicle.

Get RageGear-exclusive items for a distinctive tactical effect.

RageGear -TDM mode: Destroy an enemy vehicle for 1 point. The team that achieves the target score first wins.

Pick Up mode: The team that collects the required number of Point Crates first wins. Point Crates collected are lost once the vehicle is destroyed.

Classic Mode – Snow Paradise:

Players have a chance to enter Snow Paradise when queuing for Erangel in Classic mode

Once players enter the match, they will be able to take cable cars on snow mountains and play freestyle snowboarding.

EvoGround – Loadout:

Added a Loadout feature. Players can now enter the Armory system from the Team Deathmatch Selection screen and access the Inventory screen to edit the weapon and items they bring into the match.

Loadouts can be switched freely when entering Team Deathmatch and when respawning.

The variety of weapons that you can use in the loadout increases along with your Evo Level.

Each firearm has its own mastery level, which players can raise to unlock more attachments.

The firearms, ammo and other resources that are generated at the spawn point in the Team Deathmatch map will be removed.

By default, all firearms that are dropped when an enemy is killed in Team Deathmatch will have all attachments.

TPP Update:

A button to switch to FPP has been added to TPP in Classic, Arcade and Training grounds.

Tap the button to switch to FPP even while inside a TPP match.

The button can be moved and even be disabled in settings.

Classic mode – Healing while moving:

Medical items that players can use while moving include Med Kits, Painkillers, Energy Drinks, Bandages, First Aid Kits, Adrenaline Syringes and some consumables from other modes.

Movement speed will be reduced while using consumables.

Classic mode – Healing continuously:

Bandages can be used continuously automatically to restore health.

Backpack Ornament:

The same ornament is used for Level 1, 2 and 3 backpacks of the same type.

Ornaments sway naturally after they are hung on a backpack.

Spectator tier restrictions:

Low-tier players will no longer be able to spectate high-tier players

Prevent cheaters from benefiting illegally from this feature.

Friendly fire kill restrictions:

Players can choose to prevent the teammate who knocks them out or kills them, from picking up their items in Death Crates.

Report a teammate for friendly fire to stop the responsible teammate from performing further actions during the current match.

Slide settings:

Added a sliding setting feature.

The sliding feature can be enabled/disabled in Settings.

Once it is disabled, sliding will not be triggered in Team Deathmatch the actions of Classic mode will be maintained.