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19 Nov 2019

Football Manager 2020 Mobile Release: How to get Sports Interactive's new on-the-go managerial game

The wait is finally over for all the armchair managers out there. No longer do you have to just yell at your TV and tweet what Unai Emery should have done.

Now, you can take over the reins at your favourite club and lead them to glory.

NOW WATCH BELOW: The new Football Manager 2020 interactive trailer!

But just how do you get this amazing new mobile game?

We have all the answers for you.

Android & iOS download

RIVALS: FM 20 Mobile brings headed rivalries to your commute

The game is available on both Android and iOS, which covers nearly every mobile phone out there.

You'll need to have 700 MB in free space on your phone, which isn't a big ask thankfully.

Go to the App Store or Google Play and search "Football Manager 2020 Mobile" to find the game, make sure not to get last year's version!

The game will cost £8.99 to download, which is a bargain for the experience you get with it.

What you get on FM 20 Mobile

MENTOR: Use older players to help develop young talent

As you would expect, for just £8.99 you don't get the kind of global football universe that you do on a computer for £39.99.

FM 20 Mobile is by no means a poor game though.

There are more than 60 leagues from the 21 of the top footballing nations on Earth for you to pick from, including new leagues for this year like the Danish and Greek leagues, while the game is also available in Dutch and Portuguese languages.

An overhauled youth development system means you can assign senior players to mentor your youngsters and help turn them into the next generation of world-beaters.

Meanwhile and expanded matchday experience, including named rivalries and derbies, bring the world of Football Manager to you wherever you are.