Washington Nationals: 5 ways to avoid an early playoff exit

The Nationals have never been the best October team, so how can they avoid an early exit this year?

realsport user by admin

Quick quiz: Who has the longest World Series appearance drought in Major League Baseball today? If you said the Washington Nationals, then congratulations! Actually, I should probably sympathize with you, because you’re probably also a tortured Nationals fan like me. Since their inception in 1969, the Washington organization has NEVER been to a World Series – a 48-year drought.

In the past couple of years, Nationals fans have seen our beloved team show signs of promise, dominating the NL East, and making it to October three times in the past five years. However, the Nationals have failed to get out of the National League Division Series each time, leaving Washington baseball fans to hope that next year will be the year that the Nats live up to their tremendous potential. With the Nationals headed to the playoffs again in 2017, every fan hopes desperately that this year the Nationals can finally make a deep playoff run. Here are five ways the Nationals can avoid an early playoff exit in 2017.