MLB The Show 23: The key things to know for Season 3 in Diamond Dynasty

The new season has arrived in Diamond Dynasty. Season 3 brings some amazing rewards and exciting brand-new content, such as Home Run Derby player items and All-Star Game. Here is what to know before Season 3 begins in Diamond Dynasty, so look no further because we answered those questions here.

Thanks to the new mechanic in MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty, the players have an opportunity to enjoy fresh and powerful content during the entire year. In the following article, we will talk more about new additions and what Season 3 brings to the table.

After entertaining Season 1 and Season 2, it’s time for Season 3.

What to know before Season 3 begins in Diamond Dynasty

MLB The Show 23 introduced Diamond Dynasty Seasons in an attempt to make the competition more fierce and keep squads fresh. Every Season, the game developers (San Diego Studios) release a new set of player items. In-Season cards include the newest Set, the previous Season’s Set, and all Core Set player items. In other words, Season 1 introduced Set 1, and Season 2 gave us Set 2.

Until now, the Seasons allowed Set 1, Set 2, & Core to be eligible for use. However, in Season 3, some things will change.

What modes are affected?

From Friday, 7 July, and with the introduction of Set 3, the players will be unable to use Set 1 cards in certain Diamond Dynasty modes. It will affect such modes as Mini Season Challenges, Solo Ranked, Conquest Maps, and some Events. But these changes will come with specific criteria limitations, which means when your current squad is ineligible in a specific mode, you’ll be notified.

How can I still use Set 1 cards?

Although you can't use Set 1 cards in some Diamond Dynasty modes, you can still use them in Co-Op Ranked (2-vs-2 and 3-vs-3), Conquest Maps, Mini Season Challenges, and Events. What to know before Season 3 begins in Diamond Dynasty? Not all of the aforementioned modes impose Set 1 restrictions, so you can utilize Set 1 cards you obtained earlier in the season.

Also, all the Core player items will be eligible in all Diamond Dynasty modes. That said, now is the right time to conclude any Programs or Collections rewarding desirable Set 1 and Core player items before the new Set 3 player items come alive.

If you’re wondering what the Core Set includes, here is your answer. The Negro League Storyline Rewards, Live Series Players, and Live Series Collection Rewards are among those included in Core Set.

You can keep all of your Set 1 player items when Season 3 goes live. Even though these Set 1 player items couldn’t be used in every mode in Season 3, as we explained earlier, in some specific instances, Set 1 restrictions are not imposed. That includes the new “Wild Card” player slot.

Keep in mind that you can use all Sets in Solo Ranked lineups again in Season 6. It is important to know when you decide which cards to hold onto and which ones you're ready to ditch.

What is the “Wild Card” player slot?

We were talking about certain exceptions earlier, and Wild Card is one of them. The Wild Card player slot gives you an opportunity to add any player item from any set to your Season eligible squad. Thus, you can continue to utilize your Set 1 player items, though on a limited basis. This comes in Seasons when those particular player items would not be considered Season eligible.

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Still, it’s good to know that you can only use one player item at a time in your Wild Card player slot. On the positive side, you can change your Wild Card at any time you desire. In situations when you opt to overwrite a Wild Card, you can automatically replace the previous Wild Card with your best eligible card for that position.

Now you probably want to know how to add a player to your Wild Card spot. Here’s the explanation:

  1. Go to the Manage Squad screen
  2. Select the player you want to replace
  3. Press R2/RT/ZR to view your Wild Cards
  4. Select any out-of-season player
  5. Select Activate as Wild Card
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This is another what to know before Season 3 begins in Diamond Dynasty fact.

Will Season 3 Impact Team Affinity and Other Programs?

Unfortunately, Season 3 will affect Team Affinity and Other Programs similar to the rest of the Diamond Dynasty modes. Season-eligible player items can be used in Team Affinity Seasons only towards Team Affinity Program progression. For example, only Season 3 eligible player items will give progress in Team Affinity 3 Programs. Only Season 2 eligible player items will give progress in Team Affinity 2 Programs, while only Season 1 eligible player items will give progress in Team Affinity 1 Programs.

The same limitations are also implemented for Other Programs. Meaning that only Other Programs using Season 3 eligible player items will give progress regarding the Season 3 XP Program Reward Path.

What you can get in the Season 3 Rewards Program?

Perhaps one of the most important questions the MLB the Show 23 players are asking. You will not be disappointed - that’s for sure. The All-Star Game and Home Run Derby cards are up for grabs. You can earn those rewards in Team Affinity Season 3.

All-Star and Home Run Derby players included in Season 3
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All-Star and Home Run Derby players included in Season 3

Even if you already have your Diamond Dynasty team filled with 99 OVR cards, you’d be happy to know that you can get the likes of Troy Glaus, Paul Konerko, Jesus Aguilar, Vida Blue, Trea Turner, and Joey Gallo (97 OVR each).

New Legend Mike Cameron

Last but not least, New Legend Mike Cameron will make his debut in MLB The Show 23 when Season 3 kicks off. Why is this card so special, you may wonder? It's because Cameron is one of only 18 players to complete “baseball’s greatest single-game accomplishment” by recording four home runs in a single game.

Adding this card to your Diamond Dynasty squad in Season 3 is a no-brainer, and you can do it by progressing through the Season 3 XP Rewards Path.

With this, we conclude our what to know before Season 3 begins in Diamond Dynasty guide. Hopefully, it was useful to the MLB The Show 23 players.

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