MLB The Show 23: Game update 10 patch notes

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MLB The Show 23 Game update 10

MLB The Show 23 is receiving a new game and server update. The game has been receiving a lot of new content in the past few days. That led to some small problems showing up. So, San Diego Studios decided some fixes needed to be made.

Game update 10 is here to do just that. Fix those problems, and provide players with the best gaming experience possible.

Update 10 won't bring any gameplay changes. It will mainly focus on fixing two small problems players are facing in Diamond Dynasty.

So, without further ado, let's learn everything about the MLB The Show 23 game update 10.

Game update 10 changes

Update 10 will go live on 23 June, at 4 AM PT/12 PM GMT. Players should complete all their games before that since the server will also undergo an update.

As mentioned above, update 10 focuses mainly on two bug fixes. Both of them are happening in the Diamond Dynasty mode, more specifically, in Mini Seasons.

The developers fixed multiple problems that were affecting the Mini Seasons menu. These problems were making the menu harder to navigate.

MLB The Show 23 Mini Seasons
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The Mini Seasons mode is receiving two small fixes

Another Mini Seasons issue was also fixed. Recently, the CPU teams on Mini Seasons were always wearing their home uniforms. That small issue has been resolved, and after update 10 goes live, it should be fixed.

MLB The Show 23 commentary is also receiving an update, with the Pittsburgh Pirates City Connect uniforms being added.

Worth noting that, there is no gameplay change coming in update 10.

MLB The Show 23 Future Stars

New Future Stars cards have arrived at MLB The Show 23.

The Future Stars program showcases promising rookies that are either playing in the MLB or the Minor Leagues.


These players have all the ingredients to become superstars. Some of them will become the face of the league, and maybe even all-time greats.

MLB The Show 23 Future Stars Series Program
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The newest additions to the Future Stars program are Andy Pages, Ben Joyce, Colt Keith, Luisangel Acuña, Jordan Westburg, Brandon Pfaadt, and Bo Naylor.

Some of these players can be a massive upgrade to your squad. Others can at least add a little depth to it.

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