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MLB The Show 21: Daily XP cap locked into place by Game Update 15

MLB The Show 21 has been given frequent updates since launching last April that fixed issues or continued to find the perfect balance with the game, and the latest Patch Notes will likely frustrate some players.

We've got all the details on MLB The Show 21 Version 1.15 and the full Patch Notes for Game Update 15, including the controversial daily XP cap that just got added.

MLB The Show 21: Daily XP cap will limit gains for all players


MLB The Show 21 has been out for a solid four months now, and as always we've seen players find the best ways to efficiently grind through Diamond Dynasty.

With a new Inning Program dropping every six weeks or so, each addition brings new rewards and puts players on a new path to earning XP for those rewards.

With so much to grab, and many having to truly work to get access to some of the best cards in Diamond Dynasty, it's no surprise that some have found a way to speed up the process.

MLB The Show 21 game update 15 patch notes version 1.15
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Unfortunately, those methods are about to hit a massive roadblock. The latest update for MLB The Show 21 institutes a daily cap of 35,000 XP earned through gameplay.


While the Patch Notes emphasized that this is only "intended to combat large amounts of XP games from out of the ordinary or exploitative gameplay," the likelihood is many players have been using methods suggested by some of the game's top content creators to maximize their gains.

They did clarify that the cap could be increased in the future and that it would adjust during double XP events, but Sony San Diego appears determined to make you earn your MLB The Show 21 rewards without any shortcuts.

MLB The Show 21: Game Update 15, Version 1.15 Patch Notes

MLB The Show 21 players should now be able to download Game Update 15, as it was set to go live on August 27, 2021 at 4am PT.

This update is Version 1.15 on PS4, Version 1.015 on PS5, and Version on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

The following patch notes for Game Update 15 detail all of the changes:


  • Fixed a freeze that would occur when a pitch hit the dirt below the catcher
  • Players will now be notified when a pitcher pinch hit for another pitcher
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the bullpen menu
  • We have implemented a daily cap of 35,000 XP earned through gameplay. This cap shouldn’t be reached through “normal” means of play – this is intended to combat large amounts of XP games from out of the ordinary or exploitative gameplay. We are committed to increasing this cap in the future if needed. (The cap will adjust accordingly during double XP events.)


  • Players will now have the option to initiate a grief report in the pause menu by pressing L1

If you're looking for a way to earn rewards with the XP cap now in place, Conquest Hidden Rewards remain a great way, and our guide includes tips and maps to most of those Hidden Rewards locations.