Gallo, Albies, and Barnes go Diamond in Roster Update

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MLB The Show 21 has released yet another bi-weekly roster update with changes to Live Series ratings in Diamond Dynasty.

Each week all eyes turn to new Diamonds, and we've got three big players making that jump along with some other big names still rising in MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21: July 9 Roster Update brings 3 New Diamonds

MLB The Show 21 has dropped the next roster update, and this July 9 change brings new ratings for several players in Diamond Dynasty.

After a record-breaking 10 players went Diamond two weeks ago, things went a little bit more conservatively this time as just three players have jumped to 85 OVR.

MLB The Show 21 July 9 Roster Update new diamonds ozzie albies matt barnes joey gallo
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THE TRIO: Albies, Barnes, and Gallo have all joined the Diamond Club

Ozzie Albies, Matt Barnes, and Joey Gallo have all now gone Diamond with their Live Series cards in Diamond Dynasty.


If you were lucky enough to have purchased or acquired any versions of them prior to this update, you can now quicksell them for 5000 Stubs each which could be an instantaneous profit.

On top of that, here's hoping you already sold any duplicates of Aroldis Chapman, as he's officially dropped two points and slipped out of Diamond and into Gold for Diamond Dynasty.

At the higher end of the Live Series, we also saw an increase for Fernando Tatis Jr. once again, a boost for Vladimir Guerrero Jr., and drops for both Gerrit Cole and Aaron Judge, among others.

On top of all of this, there were new 2020 Draft class additions including number one pick Spencer Torkelson, over 170 new Minor League players added, and the 2021 All-Star rosters were updated in MLB The Show 21.

Top Diamond Dynasty Ratings Changes

It's always key to note that these ratings changes are specific to the Live Series in Diamond Dynasty, and other cards will not be affected.

While there was less overall movement than the last roster update, we did still see some big shifts for a handful of players this time.

MLB The Show 21 July 9 Roster Update new diamonds ozzie albies matt barnes joey gallo
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THE JUNIORS: Tatis and Guerrero were both on the rise this time

Here are the top 15 Diamond Dynasty players with ratings changes in this roster update:

  • Fernando Tatis Jr., 94 OVR (+1), San Diego Padres
  • Gerrit Cole, 91 OVR (-1), New York Yankees
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr., 90 OVR (+2), Toronto Blue Jays
  • Aaron Judge, 90 OVR (-1), New York Yankees
  • Brandon Woodruff, 88 OVR (+1), Milwaukee Brewers
  • Mookie Betts, 87 OVR (-2), Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Trea Turner, 87 OVR (+1), Washington Nationals
  • Max Muncy, 87 OVR (+2), Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Carlos Correa, 87 OVR (+1), Houston Astros
  • Freddie Freeman, 87 OVR (-1), Atlanta Braves
  • Manny Machado, 86 OVR (+1), San Diego Padres
  • Matt Barnes, 85 OVR (+1), Boston Red Sox [NEW DIAMOND]
  • Ozzie Albies, 85 OVR (+1), Atlanta Braves [NEW DIAMOND]
  • Joey Gallo, 85 OVR (+4), Texas Rangers [NEW DIAMOND]
  • Aroldis Chapman, 84 OVR (-2), New York Yankees

You can view the full list here to see every Diamond Dynasty player that had their ratings or attributes changed in any way for this roster update, or you can view the roster update within MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty.