Download the custom T-Pain logo and stadium now

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MLB The Show 21 has dazzled fans with the new Stadium Creator and the return of the Logo Vault, but now both are getting some T-Pain injections.

We've got all the details on how to download the new custom T-Pain creations from Logo Vault and Stadium Creator for MLB The Show 21.

Custom T-Pain logo and stadium now in MLB The Show 21

Get ready to "Buy U a Drank" and put some T-Pain into your MLB The Show 21 with the icon's own creations.

MLB The Show 21 T-Pain custom logo TPAIN T.Pain T Pain
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FEEL T-PAIN: Take the custom logo into Franchise Mode or Diamond Dynasty

T-Pain has crafted a custom logo and taken to Stadium Creator to give next gen players their own unique T-Pain stadium.

While you do need to be on PS5 or Xbox Series X|S to use Stadium Creator and snag that creation, even players on current gen can enjoy the custom T-Pain logo.

How to Search, Find, and Download T-Pain's Stadium Creator & Logo Vault Creations

Actually finding each can be a bit of a challenge, but we know exactly what you need to search for in order to find each of them.

Starting with the custom T-Pain logo, you'll need to head to the top right next to Settings and select Create, then Vaults.

MLB The Show 21 T-Pain custom logo TPAIN T.Pain T Pain
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GET THE LOGO: The logo is available on current and next gen

Once you're in the Logo Vault, search either for "PAIN" as the logo name or "MlbCodyNP" as the Online ID to find the two logos seen in the top left of the above image.

Things are a bit trickier in Stadium Vault, as the search function added in Game Update 3 can still be somewhat glitchy and you'll often be bombarded by duplicates saved by other players.

You'll first have to head back to Create in the top right, select Stadium Creator, choose one of your many slots to edit, then select Vault once editing a chosen creation slot.


There are actually two custom T-Pain creations in the Stadium Vault, which are titled "T.Pain's Moon Stadium 1" and "T.Pain's Moon Stadium 2," but each will find you hundreds of entries saved by other players that could've been changed.

MLB The Show 21 T-Pain custom logo TPAIN T.Pain T Pain Stadium Creator Creation Moon
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PAIN PARK: Get the icon's custom stadium in next gen today

If you want the original pair, search for "MlbCodyNP" as the Online ID to make sure you find just the "T.Pain's Moon Stadium" from the original account that uploaded them.

Once either, or both, is downloaded, they're both competitive safe and will be usable in every Stadium Creator eligible mode in MLB The Show 21.

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