Gameplay buffs arriving in The Show Feature Premiere

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The MLB The Show 21 confirmed features are totting up, and this week is likely to give us the most amount of info yet.

In the latest trailer with Coach, The Show team has been answering your questions all-around gameplay - with a Feature Premiere arriving in a few days' time.

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MLB The Show 21 Gameplay Q&A

Coach sits down with Ramone Russell, who is Product Development Communications and Brand Strategist at Sony Interactive Entertainment, to briefly tell us what's arriving this year.


Key takeaways

The aspects Russell explains is around pitching and hitting - which is great news for fans.

Inputs on pitching will matter more, with "Perfect Perfect Pitching" possibly being introduced, with more info arriving in the Feature Premiere.

A new feature, known as "Pinpoint Pitching" arrives for pitching styles, and there will be variable pitch speeds between difficulties, as well as the ability to switch to pitching styles from previous games.

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OVERHAUL - It looks as if pitching is where the most changes arrive this year

As for hitting, you will be able to check Swing Strike frequency - with "Perfect Perfect Hitting" improved thanks to an engine update.


New player and team animations arrive, with Javier Baez's infamous tag expected to be included.

San Diego Studio has also made it easier for new players, with the "Casual Mode" explained to be "An easy, fun, pick-up-and-play experience that focuses on learning the game of baseball".

Feature Premiere

Yes, we should get a much clearer understanding of MLB The Show 21 with the Feature Premiere arriving on Thursday, 11 March.

This will be at 3pm PST which is 6pm ET / 11pm GMT.

We believe this will be on the Sony San Diego YouTube channel.

Although we've seen plenty of videos from the San Diego team, an official gameplay trailer is something we are still missing.

Even the announcement trailer didn't show us gameplay, but this is likely to change with the Feature Premiere this week.

Release Date

There is still over a month to go until MLB The Show 21 arrives on 20 April - so expect the team to have more reveal up its sleeve.