17 Aug 2021 6:15 PM +00:00

MLB The Show 21: Claim free packs with Xbox Game Pass

If you're looking to build your roster in Diamond Dynasty, a great way is by claiming some MLB The Show 21 free packs.

Everyone knows that the best packs are the free packs and players are getting a chance to grab SEVEN of them.

Here's what you'll need to do to claim your MLB The Show 21 free packs!


MLB The Show 21 Summer Bundle with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

First off, if you want to claim the Summer Bundle you'll need to be playing MLB The Show 21 on Xbox and be a current Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber.

Unfortunately, that's the only way you'll get access to these, and PlayStation users will be left out of this offer.

The next part is a little tougher because there is a very specific way you'll have to go about claiming these packs.

Before we go through the steps, let's take a look at what you'll get in the Summer Bundle.

MLB The Show 21 summer bundle
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SUMMER BUNDLE: Get these free packs before time runs out

Inside the Summer Bundle you'll find a total of SEVEN packs! These packs are:

  • The 42 Series Legend Pack
  • Diamond Ballplayer Pack
  • 5 The Show Packs

The 42 Series was the first big series when MLB The Show 21 launched, and this pack will go a long way to finishing that collection if you haven't done so already.

The Diamond Ballplayer pack should boost your player in Road to the Show, and The Show packs are a bit more random but could have great players inside.

Unfortunately, both your Diamond Ballplayer and 42 Series choices are no-sell items, even if you already have them, so none of them can be sold in the Marketplace for stubs.

How to redeem and claim your free packs in Diamond Dynasty

Okay, this is where it can get a little tricky and you'll have to follow some specific steps to claim your packs.

Here are the steps you'll need to follow:

  • Open the Xbox Game Pass App on your Xbox
  • Go to the Perks section, located near the top
  • Select the Summer Bundle perk for MLB The Show 21
  • Grab the code to redeem in the Microsoft Store
  • Redeem the code in the Microsoft Store
  • Go to Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 21
  • Go to Shop, then Stubs, and you'll be able to claim the packs

We know it might be a little overwhelming, but the packs are definitely worth it!

Be quick about claiming these packs though as you'll have to claim the code by November 12th, 2021.

You'll have until December 12th, 2021 to redeem this code and receive your packs in MLB The Show 21.