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Top 10 Relief Pitchers you need in Diamond Dynasty

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty is a challenging Ultimate Team mode, but having the right players at certain positions with good ratings can make a major difference.

Adding some depth to your bullpen with a quality Relief Pitcher can be crucial, so here we've got details on the highest rated relievers in MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty.

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MLB The Show 21: Relievers with Ratings to beef up your bullpen

As always, it's important to remember that ratings in Diamond Dynasty are not the same as ratings found elsewhere in MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty Relievers Relief Pitchers Best Ratings Highest Rated
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NEED OF RELIEF: Having the right bullpen is crucial in Diamond Dynasty

Filling out your bullpen can be a gamechanger in tight moments for Diamond Dynasty, but you can check out the highest rated overall players in Diamond Dynasty to get a glimpse at the best of the best, including a few Starting and Closing Pitchers.

However, we'll be looking specifically at relievers here, and these ten Relief Pitchers are major assets that can help you out during a tight game within Diamond Dynasty.


Top 10 Highest Rated Relief Pitchers in Diamond Dynasty

The following list covers the top 10 ratings for Relief Pitchers in MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty, but these are base ratings according to the current Diamond Dynasty roster.

Some ratings could change with the next Roster Update, like they have already, and Inside Edge or boosts like Parallel XP can make these cards even more powerful.

Troy Percival, 87 OVR, Los Angeles Angels

There are only a few highly rated Relief Pitchers in Diamond Dynasty, but one that sits near the top is Troy Percival, who is available as his 1995 Rookie version.

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty Relievers Relief Pitchers Best Ratings Highest Rated
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ROOKIE RELIEVER: Percival is one of your best options at Relief Pitcher

Percival played with the team then known as the California Angels in 1995, and it's his performance there that's earned his powerful 4 Seam Fastball, and crazy attributes of 112 in H/9 and 109 in K/9.


Nick Anderson, 87 OVR, Tampa Bay Rays

The second of three 87 OVR Relief Pitchers tied at the top of Diamond Dynasty is Nick Anderson, the Tampa Bay Rays reliever who is part of the Live Series.

Anderson is boasting strong attributes with a 99 in Velocity, 92 in H/9, and topping out with a 100 in K/9 to help him get that critical strikeout.

Kenley Jansen, 87 OVR, Los Angeles Dodgers

Not to be confused with the higher rated Closing Pitcher version of Jansen that's available in Diamond Dynasty, this 2011 Rookie Jansen managed an 87 OVR rating.

He's got four strong pitches to choose from, and excellent attributes with a perfect 125 in K/9 and 110 in H/9 followed by a 95 in Break.

Devin Williams, 85 OVR, Milwaukee Brewers

Just past the top tier, we've got Devin Williams of the Milwaukee Brewers who is part of their Live Series collection in MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty Relievers Relief Pitchers Best Ratings Highest Rated
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BULPEN BREWER: Devin Williams has the stats you need

Williams has great versatility with five strong pitches, and he's got a top-notch 104 in both H/9 and K/9 that pair with his 99 in Break and 95 in Velocity.


Rob Dibble, 84 OVR, Cincinnati Reds

While focused on just his 4 Seam Fastball, Slider, and Cutter, another solid option is the 1988 Rookie version of Rob Dibble who has an 84 Overall.

The most important thing to note about Dibble is his insane 120 in Pitching Clutch, but he's got a 99 in Velocity and 95 in K/9 to back it up.

Jake Diekman, 83 OVR, Oakland Athletics

You can also go with the 2020 Veteran version of Jake Diekman, and this Oakland Athletics reliever has one perfect stat and several near-100s on his side.

At the top, Diekman has a 125 in H/9, but he's also got a 99 in Break, 98 in K/9, 98 in Velocity, and 89 in Pitching Clutch.

Kelvin Herrera, 82 OVR, Kanas City Royals

If you're looking for another versatile option, you'll have five pitches to choose from with the 2015 Postseason version of Kelvin Herrera and his All-Star Game themed card.

Starting with a solid 82 OVR, this version of Herrera has a 98 in Pitching Clutch, 99 in Velocity, 93 in Break, and solid 89 in H/9 and 88 in K/9 to round things out.

Luis Gil, 82 OVR, New York Yankees

In the Prospect Series, we have youngster Luis Gil of the New York Yankees who is currently still with the Double-A Somerset Patriots as of today.

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty Relievers Relief Pitchers Best Ratings Highest Rated
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THE FUTURE IS NOW: Get this Prospect Luis Gil on your squad

This solid option can also be earned through the Nation of Baseball Conquest map, and you'll get attributes held down with a 99 in H/9, 97 in K/9, and 92 in Velocity.

Hunter Strickland, 82 OVR, San Francisco Giants

If you can knock out the Giants Live Series collection, you'll earn 2015 Rookie Hunter Strickland who can hold down the fort in your bullpen.

He's got four strong pitches, and Strickland's attributes are lead by a 93 in Velocity, 92 in H/9, 87 in Break, and 84 in Pitching Clutch.


Chad Green, 81 OVR, New York Yankees

While technically at the bottom of this list, Chad Green of the New York Yankees is a great choice as he's doing well enough that Inside Edge has him boosted to an 84 OVR right now.

Green has four pitches to choose from, and his attributes are decent with a 90 in H/9, 86 in Break, 81 in Velocity, and boosts from Inside Edge right now to both K/9 and BB/9.

Best Value Relief Pitcher in Diamond Dynasty

If you're on a budget for Stubs and can't afford anything much over 1,000, you can snag Chad Green for an average price of 1,200 Stubs right now.

If you're able to get something a little more, the absolute best option is Kenley Jansen, whose 87 OVR Relief Pitcher card can be bought for an average of 8,427 Stubs right now.

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty Relievers Relief Pitchers Best Ratings Highest Rated
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GIANT VALUE: Complete the Giants Collection to earn Strickland

One other method could be helpful, and that's completing the Live Series Collection for the San Francisco Giants to earn Hunter Strickland.

The average price to complete the collection is 7,235 Stubs for all 40 players, but you'll also receive 1,300 Stubs for completing it, making it possible to score 40 Live Series players and Hunter Strickland for a net cost of just 5,935 Stubs.

Check out our guide on the best ways to get Stubs in MLB The Show 21 if you need to stock up.

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