MLB The Show 20: Diamond Dynasty - How to unlock Bob Gibson

MLB The Show 20 has a lot of big content coming April 21st, but until then, today's new release will have to tide players over.

Today's release is a new Player Program for legendary Cardinals starting pitcher Bob Gibson.

Let's go over how to unlock this deadly presence on the mound and what he brings to your Diamond Dynasty.

Bob Gibson

Bob Gibson MLB The Show 20 diamond dynasty stats
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Bob Gibson may play in the most competitive Diamond Dynasty position, but he still stands out as quality acquisition for any team.

Gibson's best talents in-game are his 103 Stamina, 97 Arm Strength, 91 Break, and 89 Fielding.

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Gibson brings a unique skillset to the table, coming from an era where pitchers were much more involved in fielding. While he's still a great jack of all trades as a starting pitcher, he's even greater shutting down plays in the field.


MLB The Show 20 Diamond Dynasty Bob Gibson missions
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As always there are a variety of missions players can do to get points to unlock reward tiers. Once you get 50 points, you unlock Bob Gibson's 1962 Breakout card and 500 stubs while you're at it.

The missions involve striking out opponents with Cardinals players, pitching with breakout pitchers, exchanging a list of starting pitchers in for points, and beating the cpu Cardinals on All-Star+ difficulty.

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Each missions gives ten or less points, so they won't be enough to get Gibson on their own.


Bob Gibson MLB The Show 20 moments Diamond Dynasty
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Once you've done your missions, you can start on the moments. Moments are similarly structured challenges that give you points to unlock Gibson. Moments however are individual scenarios players must survive to get points. No one moment gives more than six points, so you'll have to finish quite a few in conjunction with missions.

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There a huge variety of moments for points to unlock Bob Gibson. Almost all of the moments involve striking out a specific number of batters. They also mix in other elements of the game like hitting, fielding, and recording shutouts.


Bob Gibson MLB The Show 20 Diamond Dynasty rewards
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On the way to unlocking Bob Gibson there are also some other valuable rewards.

At 10 points you will receive 500 stubs, at 20 you'll receive 100 stubs and a Cardinals Silver pack, at 30 you'll receive 1000 stubs, at 40 you'll receive 250 stubs and two Cardinal Silver Packs, and finally at 50 you'll unlock Gibson and 500 stubs along with him.

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