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22 Oct 2019

MLB The Show 20: Cover athlete & release date announced

MLB The Show 20: Cover athlete & release date

The World Series is set and now we know when the next baseball game will be hitting the PS4.

The World Series is here, and with it the announcement of next year's MLB The Show 20.

While the Washington Nationals gear up to try and stop the juggernaut that is the Houston Astros, SIE San Diego Studio's have announced a few things about next year's game as they look to follow up on the wild success of the PS4-exclusive The Show 19.

This is set to be the last MLB The Show game on PS4, with Sony's PS5 dropping in late 2020.

So who is on the cover? And when can you play the game?

Release Date

MLB The Show 20 will drop on March 17, 2020, which is about a week earlier than previous years and gives a bit more space between the game and MLB's Opening Day games.

Pre-orders are now open, with a raft of options available for fans. The standard edition will be £49.99/$59.99, with the MVP, Digital Deluxe, and Anniversary Editions all coming with 4 days early access as well as other bonuses.

Cover athlete

The Chicago Cubs shortstop Javier Baez will grace the cover of the new game, and hopes to avoid the curse that is starting to gather.

'18 cover star Aaron Judge suffered a power outage the season he was on the cover, while last year's star Bryce Harper has had an ok first year in Philadelphia but missed the playoffs and is now watching his former team go further in the post-season than they ever did while he was there.