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Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks: Lineup advice for May 17, 2018

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DraftKings' busiest contest today is the nine-game 7:05pm ET start. Despite the fact that it is a travel day for some teams, there are more than enough games to find some value and profit among the available players. While the Yankees, Nationals, and Astros are off, the Red Sox, Angels, and Cardinals are all playing, giving us a deep player pool. So who should be in your lineup today?

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Tyler Skaggs Vs. Tampa Bay Rays ($10,400)

There isn't a lot of great pitching tonight. Skaggs is the second-most expensive pitcher, but some $1,000 cheaper than you would expect from that slot. Still, with a 1.20 WHIP, 3.07 ERA, and 9.4 K/9 he is a strong option.

The Rays are just 20th in runs scored, making this a very nice matchup and at a solid cost.

David Price Vs. Baltimore Orioles ($8,400)

Price has drifted between great and awful this year. He has two shutout outings as well as two starts with just one or two runs allowed, but he also has four starts with four or more. He is a risk, but Boston will provide good run support, and the Orioles lineup can be extremely hit and miss. He carries some risk, but he if you get the good David Price then he will give a very good return on investment.


Chad Bettis @ San Francisco Giants ($7,400)

Like Price, there is a good and a bad pitcher in Chad Bettis. The good can throw seven shutout innings against the Mets, the bad can give up four runs in five to the Padres.

The good thing with Bettis is that when he is away from Coors Field he is very reliable. The difference is startling really. He has a 1.35 road ERA, and a slashline against of .197/.266/.316, compared to 6.89 and .317/.382/.500 at home. Pitching in San Francisco is about as nice a matchup as he could hope for too.

JD Martinez Vs. Baltimore Orioles ($5,200)

JD Martinez is $600 cheaper than Mookie Betts and $500 cheaper than Mike Trout, but that should not be. He has hit three homers in the last four games, has a .357 average over the last two weeks, and has 12 RBI in the past 12 games. He's the hottest bat in baseball, and even at $5,200 he is a bargain right now.

Joey Gallo @ Chicago White Sox ($4,300)

This is a pick predicated on him hitting a home run, because that is pretty much all Joey Gallo does. The benefit is he is going against James Shields today, who has allowed three homers in his last four starts and gave up 27 bombs last season.

Marcus Semien @ Toronto Blue Jays ($3,500)

Semien is having a nice road trip so far. He's on a six-game hit streak with a .345 average, a homer, and six RBI. The A's head to Toronto to take on the struggling Aaron Sanchez with Semien fixed atop their lineup and ready to keep racking up points.