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Wild Rift Icons Global Championship 2022: Schedule, Results, Where to Watch and More

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Wild Rift Icons Global Championship 2022 Knockout Stage will feature eight qualified teams. They have competed in the group stage for the first world championship title.

All Wild Rift teams are competing for the first world championship title. However, alongside that comes a whopping prize pool of $2 million. Finances are also coming from Majestic Empress Morgana skin sales as 25% shall be equally distributed to all the teams who qualified.

With the event happening soon, here are all the details needed to participate.

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Schedule and results

Date and Time (in SG) Match Score Winner
July 1 - 6pmRolster Y vs Nova Esports1-3Nova Esports
July 1 - 9pmRRQ PH vs FunPlus Phoenix0-3FunPlus Phoenix
July 2 - 6pmFlash Wolves vs J Team1-3J Team
July 2 - 9pmTeam Flash vs JD Gaming3-0Team Flash
July 5 - 6pmNova Esports vs FunPlus Phoenix3-1Nova Esports
July 6 - 6pmJ Team vs Team Flash3-0J Team
July 9 - 8pmNova Esports vs J Team0-0TBD

J team and Nova esports seem to be the team that has had the best Wild Rift games out of every team. Leaving with three wins in most matches, they are the team to beat.

J team will be competing against nova esports in the final match tonight which means it will be a fiery one. Two prestigious teams clashing against each other will be a brilliant watch for fans.

Where to watch Wild Rift Icons Global Championship

The Knockout Stage of the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship 2022 shall be broadcasted through their official Twitch and YouTube channels.

The quarter-finals for the event will be a best of five series whereas the final will be a best of nine.

There are also Wild Rift broadcasts for other languages posted on their official local equivalent sites.

Twitch drops for viewers

Despite there being multiple ways to watch the event, Twitch will be the best way. This is because Twitch will be giving drops to fans who tune in.

Wild Rift Twitch free gifts
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The WIld Rift rewards vary depending on the stage of the tournament. Watching the Knockout Stage will gift an Emote and the Grand Finals will give a recall effect.

To get these free goodies, viewers must first link their Riot and Twitch accounts. Once this has been done correctly, the content will land in your inventory.

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