Wild Hearts COUNTDOWN - release time, preload & download size

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Wild Hearts beast

Wild Hearts release date is approaching as players ready themselves to face and fight nature.

Designed for next-gen hardware, this game is exciting for pushing the boundaries of modern gaming.

With beautiful graphics, a brilliant storyline and perfect animation, this game could well hold up against previous Monster Hunter games.

The game was revealed back in September 2022 and since then, the hype for the game has risen.

So, with such big hopes on the community's hands, will EA pull through and be able to live up to the hype?

Let's look at a countdown for the release of the game and see how much space it'll take up on your consoles.

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Release Date and Time

So, the game will be available for players on February 17 2022.

Unfortunately, we do not currently have a release time for the game. But this information will be available as the date approaches.

But, this article will be updated if any information is revealed about a release time.

So, keep your eyes peeled.

Preloading Wild Hearts

Preloading games let the player unlock, unpack, and install games before their official release date.

As this is an EA game, this can be done through the official Origin app.

All players have to do to preload a game is log into their Origin account, find the game they want to preload and click Download.

This saves players lots of time and ensures they can get their game before the official release date to play instantly.


Download Size

The download size for the game is 80GB as stated on the official Steam webpage for the game.

Wild Hearts beast
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There are also other hardware requirements for a computer to be able to happily play the game.

These can be found on the Steam webpage here.

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