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11 Feb 2020

The Last of Us 2 Demo: Gameplay available to players at Pax East

The Last of Us 2 Demo: Gameplay available to players at Pax

The countdown to launch has officially begun, and the developers are feeling generous.

It has just been revealed that Naughty Dog (developers of the upcoming game The Last of Us 2) will be bringing an hour-long segment of the game to the Boston convention.

Set between 27 February to 1 March, attendees of Pax East will be able to try out a section of the game called "Patrol".

This focuses on the part of the game where Ellie and her girlfriend Dina head out of Jackson to clear out the infected in the surrounding area.


TIL DEATH DO US PART: New character Dina is a love interest of Ellie

Hour-long demos for major titles are pretty much unheard of, and this specific segment is a great choice, considering how it takes players to the start of the story.

Naughty Dog also confirmed that it's working with suppliers and retailers to make more copies of The Last of Us 2: Ellie Edition available after supplies recently ran out.

On top of this hour of gameplay, Naughty Dog has begun the countdown to the launch of the game by releasing a free PS4 dynamic theme.

last of us ellie theme

PRIMED: By day, Ellie sits strumming her guitar, but by night she switches into attack mode

You can download it from the PlayStation Store right now using one of the codes listed below.

Those of you based in the UK and Europe, your code is 9DEK-PKNG-N445.

If you're based in the Americas, your code is 4FMP-BBNM-J5L3.

That's all we have on the Last of Us 2 for now, but make sure you check in for our weekly updates.