Capcom is reducing Street Fighter V’s input latency

One of fighting game community's biggest issues with Street Fighter V is finally getting a fix on October 23.

(Photo credit: Capcom)

It looks like one of the fighting game community’s biggest issues with Street Fighter V is finally getting resolved.

The official Street Fighter Twitter account released a statement on October 9, which revealed that developers are aware of fans’ concerns regarding the game’s widely-bemoaned input latency. The issue will reportedly be addressed in an update on October 23.

SFV’s input delay has been broken down by many fighting game scientists and computer wizards, one of which was French computer scientist WydD. He discovered that SFV currently has a cyclical input latency, meaning that the game cycles between four to seven frames of delay from the moment players press a button.

This can lead to some frustrating instances for SFV players, even offline. While the delay doesn’t have a huge effect on combos, it does interfere with players’ hit confirms and reaction timing. In addition, slower moves can even come out before quicker attacks - which can understandably lead to some major saltiness.


“There can be other weird instances, like someone presses a light punch and the opponent presses medium/heavy punch one frame after, and the medium punch actually hits anyway because you had a 7 frame delay on the light punch,” WydD stated of the problem.

As expected, SFV’s playerbase is relatively pleased with the news, but are likewise calling for a fix to the game’s netcode - which has undergone similar scrutiny.

However, it appears as though Capcom is taking player concerns into consideration in this instance. This could spell great things for the game’s future, especially as Season Four is fast approaching. With Capcom Cup being only two months away, and the remaining two characters already having been released for Season Three, fans are waiting with bated breath for the game’s next major announcement.

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