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Star Wars Jedi Survivor - release date and everything we know

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star wars jedi survivor image featuring cal kestis

While EA was once believed to be leading the charge against single-player experiences, it appears their stance has changed as we prepare for the release of Star Wars: Jedi Survivor.

Coming off the incredible success of Jedi Fallen Order, Respawn Entertainment is being given the opportunity to expand upon the story of its original protagonist, Cal Kestis.

Here is everything we know about Star Wars: Jedi Survivor including the release date and a look at the gameplay reveal!

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Star Wars: Jedi Survivor release date

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor will release on Friday, 17 March 2023. This date was revealed just prior to the official gameplay reveal during The Game Awards. It's been just over three years since the release of Fallen Order and it's surprising that a sequel is ready to go so soon.

early screenshot from star wars jedi fallen order
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Fallen Order was a surprise hit given that it was an exclusively single-player game at a time when multiplayer was being heavily forced by the games industry as a whole.

Gameplay reveal

It was revealed just before The Game Awards kicked off that we would be getting the first official look at gameplay for Star Wars: Jedi Survivor. The reveal did not disappoint as we got two solid minutes of gameplay action as well as some story sprinkled in too.

Most notable is just how incredible the game looks even in comparison to the first game which was a very pretty and smooth experience. Respawn has clearly made good use of the extra resources available on the PS5 and Xbox Series X to ramp up the visual quality tenfold.

Who plays Cal Kestis?

Cameron Monaghan returns as Cal Kestis in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor and appears to be very excited about his return after he took to the stage at The Game Awards once the gameplay trailer was over.

Cameron Monaghan in star wars jedi fallen order
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His likeness is used in-game although he is starting to look a bit more rugged in Jedi Survivor. We're unsure how much time has passed between games but Kestis certainly seems to have changed his appearance since his experiences in Fallen Order.

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