SEGA: New console coming? Announcement, games, rumours, news, next-gen, Sonic & more

The Japanese gaming company appear to have a big announcement coming this week.

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All eyes are on Sony this week in the next-gen console wars, but rumours are circulating that an old rival could re-enter the market.

Is Japanese gaming icon SEGA about to announce something huge?

The SEGA rumours

There had been rumours of a SEGA/Xbox Series X crossover in Japan, but those seem to have been quashed, but there is certainly something coming…

Sega rumours

So what exactly is it that SEGA are planning to release to the gaming world on 4 June?

PlayStation 5 collaboration?

4 June isn’t just a big day for SEGA.

It will be a big day for Sony fans too as they finally give us some info on what games will be on the PlayStation 5.

ps5 controller
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A deal that sees some classic SEGA titles like Crazy Taxi and Sonic becoming PS5 exclusives would certainly be a huge announcement for the companies to make.

A new console?

2020 sees the next generation of consoles coming to market with the Xbox Series X and PS5, could SEGA jump back into the hardware race?

sega sonic
MUST GO FASTER: Sonic could get a Mario-style makeover

They would certainly be leaving it late to push the Dreamcast 2 out for this year, but could we get a new Mega Drive to compete with the Nintendo Switch?

Whatever this announcement is, it’s sure to cause a wave.

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