Rocket League roster moves: From NRG to EG – all the roster moves you need to know about

Its a busy offseason in the RLCS as teams shuffle to prepare for Season 8.

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While Europe has been having a bit of a clown fiesta, North America has seen a much more measured approach to their offseason. North America saw several teams improve leaps and bounds over the season reducing the usual roster frustrations this time of the year. While some top teams seem to be standing pat (Cloud9, G2 Esports, and Rogue), others such as NRG and EG are making some big additions to position themselves well for the future. 

Much like our European edition, we will be updating this live as new rosters are announced so you can continue to come back to this every day to find out the latest NA RLCS roster changes! 

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Afterthought finalize roster for DreamHack Montreal

Becoming much like their name, Afterthought as a team has seen their fair share of RLRS roster turmoil over the course of 2019. Afterthought is now locked and loaded for the upcoming RLRS season featuring ex-Spacestation Gaming player Matthew "Satthew" Ackerman and longtime RL pro Chris "Dappur" Mendoza. 

The team is now official after seeing both players fill in during the DreamHack Montreal qualifiers which saw the team (firstkiller was in for Dappur) place top two guaranteeing an invitation to Montreal, Canada. Afterthought has a roster full of talented individual players and veteran leadership, but those are no longer unique qualities in the RLRS. 

Good or bad move: I like the move for Satthew because he not only gets more LAN practice, but is on a solid roster for the next RLRS season. Nathan "Shock" Frommelt has a ton of upside, but the veteran Dappur may end up being the anchor holding the team down from breaking the top two in RLRS. Hopefully, the mix ends up doing great things, and as per usual ends up being a launching board for RLCS careers. 

Turbopolsa to NRG

The first big addition to a North American roster was the acquisition of three time World Champion Pierre "Turbopolsa" Silfver by NRG. The move not only caused celebration among NRG fans, but has certainly moved the hype needle to favorites for every future LAN final that the team attends. Turbopolsa is filling the shoes of NA legend Jayson "Fireburner" Nunez, and there are few more qualified to do so. 

The pickup is the second time in RLCS history that a player has left their home region to go to foreign soil (Drippay of EG was the first), and NRG is banking on this being the spark that finally wins them a World Championship. 

Good or bad move: I have already argued in a previous piece that this was a perfect move for NRG and recent developments have not changed that assessment. NRG have had trouble on LAN and the best way to fix that is by adding one of the best LAN performers of all time. 

Mist rounds out The Peeps


While speculation flew that Evil Geniuses might pick up The Peeps to round out their future RLCS aspirations, those pipe dreams did not come to fruition. Instead, The Peeps added a solid up-and-coming RLRS player in Nick "mist" Costello. As a member of Afterthought mist placed 8th, but the low placing hid what were some really good group stage games in Las Vegas. 

Mist will be joining a young roster that needs to show why they belong in the RLCS. Hopefully, the team will be picked up by an org so if they decide to make roster moves in the future they will be able to attract free agents instead of being poached by other teams a la Triple Trouble. 

Good or bad move: The Peeps are not an org and cannot afford to buy out players and despite RLCS veterans being on the board (CorruptedG and Klassux), they made the prudent move in going with a younger player with upside. The Peeps went young and hopefully are able to put on a fantastic RLCS season 8 in order to attract a quality org (Team Liquid anyone?) 

Randy Gibbons River rats disbands

The first real move of the RLCS offseason was EG dropping Gabriel "CorruptedG" Vallozzi and Jason "Klassux" Klass opting to rebuild around star import Matthew "Drippay" Ben-Kaat. A short run as the Randy Gibbon River Rats produced a top 8 LAN result for the pair (and Turbopolsa), but they opted to part ways and find success independent of each other. 

CorruptedG announced he will be joining RLRS roster Plot Twist who finished in third place last season with a 5-2 record (16-13 map record). Klassux has yet to announce a destination, but there are plenty of RLRS rosters looking to make an RLCS upgrade. 

Good or bad move: It is a good move for Plot Twist looking to add a veteran presence, but it is an obvious downgrade for CorruptedG. Despite several RLCS teams making roster moves, the veteran was unable to find a home to stay in the top flight Rocket League division. The jury is still out on Klassux, but the longer til an announcement the fewer choices the Dominus main will be presented with. 

Ayjacks joins Birds and the Bees

The Birds and the Bees have finally found their third after a long process, but it is not the rumored Matthew "Drippay" Den-Kaat. No, the Birds and the Bees decided to pick up Jackson" Ayjacks" Carter formerly of RLRS team Avalon whose biggest accomplishment is taking Vitality to a game five in the group stage of DreamHack Dallas as a part of open signup team y0. 

The decision to not sign with EG is puzzling, but the team has seemed to benefit in the short term as they soundly won the online Rival Esports: Summer 2019 tournament featuring RLCS teams in Ghost Gaming and The Peeps. 

Good or bad move: If the team truly believes they will synergize with Ayjacks better over Drippay then it is a good move in the short and long term, but skipping on a chance with a world class import and a world class org seems like a loss for a team destined to be relegated after Season 8. Hopefully the Birds and the Bees are able to find a suitable sponsor so they won't complete Season 8 sponsorless. 

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