Pokemon Sword and Shield: What Do Players NOT Want To See?

Nintendo’s newest title would be perfect if these additions were left out of the game.

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When Nintendo originally announced the newest Pokemon title in the everlasting saga, fans were ecstatic.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is set to become the first brand new Pokemon title on the Nintendo Switch as Pokemon Let’s Go was a port of the original Pokemon Yellow title.

Pokemon games are long-lasting, with the whole fan community very vocal towards developers Game Freak on how they should make the game. While Nintendo has announced multiple new features so far, including the new open-world concept that fans have been begging for years, not everything has been good so far.

When the E3 2019 announcement came that there will not be a National Dex within the game, which also means that players will not be able to transfer a lot of their favorite Pokemon from other games into Sword and Shield, fans were irritated. But what else should Nintendo steer away from in order to avoid community backlash? We explore some features that Nintendo must NOT include in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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Fire-Fighting Final Evolution

This has been a lingering issue throughout the last few Pokemon titles, it seems Nintendo has a found passion with making the fire type starter’s final evolution a mixture of the fire-fighting typing. Since generation three we have had a fire-fighting final evolution starter in all games except generation six. So, it is almost a certainty that we may indeed be in store for another one this time around.

Nintendo should steer in this direction for the final evolutions, we are not aware of the final forms of any of the starter Pokemon so far and, it does not seem we will get any look before the official release. Many fans have asked for this issue to not be present in Pokemon Sword and Shield but as Scorbunny is shown with a bandage around its nose, this may be an indication of its future forms.

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Limited Motion Control 

One of the biggest criticisms towards Game Freak and their release of Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu, was the catching method which was inspired by the mobile Pokemon games.

Players would need to flick their joy-con at the screen in a fluid motion in order to land in the catching zone when attempting to get a new Pokemon. This motion catching was received with a mixed bag, on one hand players would always have the opportunity to catch any wild Pokemon they encounter as there was no way to eliminate them anymore as there were no wild battles.

Contrasting this was the frustration that the motion catching was far from perfect, sometimes it was fairly inaccurate and did not register or other times it would throw the poke ball in the opposite direction.

Although Nintendo have already confirmed that the catching method present in Pokemon Sword and Shield will go back to the traditional style, this does not confirm Nintendo will add different variations of motion control throughout the game, If there is any additional motion control throughout Sword and Shield, the fans just want one thing Nintendo, please keep it limited throughout our journey.

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Don’t Emphasize the Gigantaxmaxing Heavily

Gigantaxmaxing is only specific to certain species of Pokemon throughout the Galar region but some fans are not pleased with this feature as from the picture above it seems the chosen Pokemon may become super overpowered to battle against or with.

We do know that when a Pokemon is Gigantaxmaxing they will immediately access a special move called the “G-Max Move” and will be different for each Pokemon that can unlock this ability. The problem that this new mechanic could entail for Sword and Shield is if every major fight is centered around this move.

Much like the Z-Moves from previous generations, these moves are vastly superior to any regular move and could ruin the competitive nature of the game. 

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What do you want Nintendo to avoid in Pokemon Sword and Shield? Are there parts of older Pokemon games you want to see return? Let us know in the comments below!


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