Pokemon Sword and Shield: All Galarian Forms!

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Pokemon Sword And Shield news is starting to drop as we grow closer to the release date. Incorporating a colourful Pokedex, with an array of new monsters!

Gyms are having some major changes to the way they operate with their number also being increased according to Game Informer; meaning your Pokemon Sword and Shield starters may change.

This is the first time that leakers have been able to discover new information about the game before the official release. Partially due to the fact that apparently someone was able to steal a copy of the game giving fans an early sneak peek.

With these new leaks, we uncovered some new Galarian Forms ahead of the November 15th release!

New Forms

Since the leaks, the post has now been deleted, so we can only assume Nintendo is striking down hard on those who are leaking information. But, regardless there was a handy list made with all the new Galarian forms revealed!

  • Galar Mr. Mime
  • Galar Farfetch'd
  • Galar Darumaka
  • Galar Darmanitan
  • Galar Meowth
  • Galar Stunfisk
  • Galar Corsola

Some of these Pokemon on the list have been intriguing fans more than others, taking Corsola for example, this is a Pokemon that has not seen an evolution or any other form since its debut in generation two.

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ROCKY - a new look for the fan favourite Pokemon!

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