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PlayStation leak points to Kojima Productions Acquisition

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There have been some pretty huge acquisitions over the last year and, with Microsoft taking Activision Blizzard, Sony had to respond. The acquisition of Kojima Productions is just one way to do so. Here's what we know so far.

PlayStation could be acquiring Kojima Productions

Although this is something that has been rumoured for a long time, there's a pretty good reason to think it could be happening this time. Over on the official PlayStation Studios section of the PlayStation site, they have a banner made up of games from PlayStation Studios.

This included titles like The Last of Us Part 2 from Naughty Dog, God of War from Santa Monica Studio and Days Gone from Bend Studio. In a recent change, Sam from Death Stranding was added to the very left.

PlayStation Kojima Productions
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Every single game on this list is from a PlayStation owned studio. This could point to a big new acquisition in the future.

Why this could be true

Kojima Productions recently entirely changed office. They are moving to some new place and taking the entire team with them.

In light of this banner, this could point to them moving to a location closer to Sony's headquarters or the Sony acquisition points at a larger budget and potentially a larger team.

Why this might not be

Though the page and banner are all about PlayStation Studios, it loses its messaging about halfway through. It changes to exclusives and even includes games from studios not owned by Sony. There's a chance this banner is merely pointing at exclusives on PlayStation.

If so, it is perhaps a little strange to make it all about PlayStation Studios, then swap to just exclusives but this makes some sense. PlayStation clearly cares about their exclusives a lot.

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