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New Street Fighter game set to be announced soon

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It's clear that 2022 could be a blockbuster year for gaming and we're only in February! Now. we're looking down the barrel at a potential announcement of a brand new Street Fighter game.

Capcom isn't usually a company to build up a big announcement for nothing but the countdown timer they're currently running might take things to the next level. It was widely believed that the timer was hyping up either the reveal of Resident Evil: Village DLC or the Resident Evil 4 Remake.

street fighter x secret lair mtg
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The Street Fighter x Secret Lair reveal was a huge success

While it does feel like we're due additional info for Village, fans may have jumped to their conclusions a little too soon.

The belief that a new Street Fighter game is on the way comes as the result of a collective set of circumstances. There was the reveal of the Secret Lair product for Magic: The Gathering and the timer expired shortly after the conclusion of the Capcom Cup finals.

With Street Fighter featuring so prominently in recent days, attention started to shift away from Resident Evil and now fans are fully expecting the announcement to be Street Fighter 6.

It's safe to save that even towards the end of its life - outside of the pro scene - Street Fighter 5 did very little to grow the fan following for the series. With a severe lack of single-player content and the skill ceiling for fighters being so high when played online, it was easy for many players to simply pass on the game.

If the Capcom Countdown does indeed signal the arrival of a brand new Street Fighter game, we're keen to see what it does to widen the appeal of the series. It will also be the first major fighting game to release on the next-gen systems so could set the standard for any future games in the genre.

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