NBA 2K17: Best Ways to Get VC

Learn the best ways to get virtual currency fast on NBA 2K17.

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Anyone who has played NBA 2K17 knows how hard it is to get Virtual Currency (VC) if you don’t know how to earn it. You can use VC points to upgrade your player’s attributes or get new gear to wear on the court. There are several ways to earn points, but I am going to tell you the easiest ways to get VC points. From the MyCareer Mode to the MyNBA2K17 app, the game is filled with ways to accelerate getting VC coins to better your player in NBA 2K17.

MyCareer Mode

Playing MyCareer mode as long you have an internet connection will give you points when you get endorsement deals. Make sure you attend all the meetings and practices, although optional and time consuming, will assist you in the long run in accumulating VC. Try to get through the games as quickly as possible playing on Hall of Fame difficulty with an A+ score since it gives you the most points. I’ve noticed that I accumulate 1,000+ VC points when I do this repeatedly.

This edition of NBA 2K17 has really evolved in the fact that you need to select your Archetype for your player. The Archetypes are divided by each position with 5 sub-types under each starting role, for example, SF has Slasher, Sharpshooter and Lockdown Defender. The best way to get the most VC out of the MyCareer mode is to stick to your Archetype as close as possible. For example, if you’re a Sharpshooter, make sure to hit your shots and not focus as much on the defensive side of the game. You should try to spend your VC on increasing the strengths of your player type by investing into their archetype attributes as much as possible. Sharpshooters should have their shooting attributes as high as possible to hit their goals which will eventually give you a higher VC bonus payout.

MyNBA2K17 App

Make sure you download the iOS or Android MyNBA2K17 app because you’ll receive 500 VC just for downloading and syncing the app and further points for all the daily tasks you complete, although this won’t be much, it’s still something. I recommend you check out the app first thing in the morning since it only gives you a certain amount of time to complete certain tasks in a day. Completing the daily tasks are fun and serve as good practice for your player and increase his attributes outside of the MyCareer mode. 


Another great way to get VC points easily and quickly is playing MyLeague. While you are in the MyLeague mode you can simulate games and the longer the games are the better. Playing multiple modes is also better for your player as you’ll get to accrue VC without having to step onto the court. When your player is ready for action and his attributes are high enough in the desired areas, you’ll see the gameplay and eventual VC payouts increase. 

Best Strategy for using VC

Once you do actually start seeing substantial gains in VC, using it wisely is key to increasing your future payouts even more. Most people get VC in the ways mentioned above and spend it right away on whatever attribute they feel their player needs most. You’ll want to remember to really highlight the attributes that will benefit your Archetype the most. One strategy I found that works best is to save the VC over a certain period of time and not to spend it right away to upgrade a stat because the second upgrade will be more expensive and unachievable. Saving up and getting attributes to increase by two or three at a time can really make your player stand out on the court. The added performance boost from your player will only continue to get you even more VC payouts in the long run.

Know of any other ways to get VC? Share them with us below.

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