MotoGP 19: Beginner’s Guide

Motorbike games can be very difficult to approach for some and prevent picking up the game of one of their favourite sports. Here’s what to do if you’re a beginner.

by Matt Ashman

The danger of falling off at every corner, the different style you have to take approaching corners to other racing games. MotoGP can be a minefield for new racers but do not fear newbies. You just need to know where to look…

Use the assists 

MotoGP 19 and the developers at Milestone know what they have made, a hardcore bike racing sim. but this isn’t Dark Souls, and they have made a few features that can make racing a little bit easier so you can make the most of what is genuinely a fantastic game with some fantastic features. 

The beginner assists are particularly useful. Having the physics simulation level set to Assisted will give you so much more confidence cornering in particular. The bike is less volatile and you’ll begin to feel more at ease with the bike in the long run. Auto brakes is a common feature on most racing games and its inclusion in MotoGP 19 is no accident. As I will mention in more detail later on, braking is so important in motorcycle racing that having this set on initially to get a feel for where you should and shouldn’t be braking is a crucial learning step in all new riders journey. Speaking of braking points, having the Ideal trajectory for corners as well gives you a definitive “this is where you need to brake please, otherwise you’ll end up sliding down the tarmac trying to turn too late.”

Dual brakes are a nifty feature and can add that bit of extra brake power in those heavy braking zones in particular. Rewind is a tool that is essential as a new rider you will rarely go through a race without falling off at least once, so giving yourself the fallback mechanism to build up consistency is nice. However, I would recommend turning it off eventually, it really makes you a much better rider. 

Setting up the bike 

As you can see in our Catalan setup guide, there are hardcore ways to make your bike work and optimise your riding/racing style. But luckily for you beginners the game is world class in suggesting how you can improve your bike. You simply plug in your specific issue into the track engineer and they make the required changes for you. This may range from wobbles on corner exit, to slow straight line speed and even more complex stuff like dealing with a bundle of oversteer.

How to take a corner 

Apologies to those of you who have a motorbike and know how to take a corner, this is more for those more accustom to four wheels over two. 

Before approaching the corner slow down using both brakes to an appropriate entry speed.  What is an appropriate entry speed?  It is best defined by whatever speed is slow enough for you to roll on and slightly increase throttle throughout the corner.  If you feel you are going wide mid corner and have to roll off the throttle, your entry speed was not slow enough.  It is impossible to define a set entry speed for every corner because no corner is the same.

Then comes the exit, and to manage an effective exit you need to roll the throttle. By rolling on the throttle though out the corner you will allow the motorcycle to settle in to the turn and remain balanced as you smoothly complete the turn.  Applying the brakes or rolling off the throttle will make the corner choppy, out of balance, and will require a lot of input from you to get through the corner.  If your entry speed is correct, you should be able to roll on or maintain throttle throughout the entire corner.  At the end of the corner rolling on the throttle a little more will help stand the bike up and help you exit the corner looking like a pro. For beginners, focus on your braking more than anything else. Once you get that right you can experiment with how hard you squeeze the trigger to roll on your power.

Graphics designer 

One of the coolest features and somewhere I spend a lot of my time is replicating my real life helmet(s) on the game. Whether it be a one-off Rossi replica from 2010, or a custom design with a shark eating a snake the game gives you a decent amount of freedom to go nuts and is something its F1 counterpart is only beginning to cotton onto. Something I would make sure you new players don’t miss out on as it is significantly more than just a gimmick. 

Online racing

If you’ve ever played any form of online racing game, you probably know what’s coming next. Please, just take it easy through turn one. The only saving grace you have with motorbike racing games is that the usual missiles people turn their vehicles into are much smaller than a car so those who are more willing to be calm benefit more. Consistency is key online. So for new racers, if you combine all the above advice for your opening gambit, online success is bound to come your way. 

Did you find these tips useful? Are you new to the game and enjoying it? Let us know in the comments below!


Matt Ashman