Worlds 2017: Five Questions for Gigabyte Marines

Gigabyte Marines made a splash at this year’s MSI. Can they do the same at the 2017 World Championship?

by Daniil Volkov

After blowing everyone away at the MSI, Gigabyte Marines look to make their presence known at Worlds. Their lineup did go through some changes, though.

Their former support—Archie—is now sharing time with Nevan in the top lane, and the bottom lane was overhauled to feature NoWay in the AD carry position and Sya in the support role. But the explosive mid/jungle duo of Levi and Optimus is still here—and they will once again be the key to Marines’ success.

The team was seeded into Group B together with Longzhu Gaming and Immortals. And if they’re hoping to challenge these adversaries, they’ll first have to answer the following questions.

1. Will Captain Levi continue his jungle rampage?

If there’s one player everyone’s looking forward to seeing, it’s Levi.

Marines’ jungler was an absolute monster at his last international event, routinely outplaying the likes of Trick, Karsa, and Svenskeren. Of course, the meta has shifted away from Levi’s favorite playmakers towards bulky frontliners. But considering that picks like Nidalee and Ezreal have emerged in the jungle, Levi will have a couple of unique tools to pull off his aggressive playstyle.

The only question is, can he use them?

2. Can Optimus break open the mid lane?

Gigabyte’s mid laner—Optimus—is a huge part of the teams’ strategies.

His laning might not be too dominant, but he makes up for it with immaculate synergy with his jungler. With his vast champion pool including both mages and playmakers, Optimus is always ready to set up his superstar jungler for a gank or a deep invade. Now that he’s facing more measured players like Bdd and Pobelter, it will be even harder for Optimus to find windows for his aggression. For the Marines’ sake, they’ll need him to.

3. Will Archie hold the line in the top lane?

It just doesn’t ever get easy for Archie.

The man went from playing AD carry to being a support main, and now he suddenly has to perform on the biggest stage of them all in the top lane. Of course, Gigabyte Marines have Nevan if they ever need to make a substitution, but Archie’s wealth of experience can be too important to miss out on. Can Archie really keep the shot calls going while battling top lane superstars like Flame and Khan?

4. Will the new bot lane show up?

Last time around, the Gigabyte Marines bottom lane was the weakest link of the team.

It’s not like Slay and Archie went on massive feeding sprees, but they didn’t make anything happen until teamfights. And even then, they’d enter those after losing their turret and suffering sizeable CS deficits.

It will be up to NoWay and Sya to change the story, and make this bot lane a force to be reckoned with.

5. Have Marines polished their macro?

Gigabyte Marines were famous for breaking the rules of conventional League of Legends, and turning their games into skirmish-heavy bloodbaths. But when push came to shove, they always ended up falling short.

The reason was simple: their macro and late game decision-making were always lagging behind those of major regions. Now that Marines have had half a year to hone their playstyle, they’ll have to show a much better late game.

Or get much better at closing games before it gets there.

Do you have any other questions for Gigabyte Marines at the 2017 League of Legends World Championship? Let us know in the comments below! Check out our Esports Discord here!


Daniil Volkov