Worlds 2017: Five Questions for Cloud9

0share Cloud9 enter the 2017 World Championship riding a wave of momentum from knocking

by Brandon Ridgely

Cloud9 enter the 2017 World Championship riding a wave of momentum from knocking CLG out of contention, something that hasn’t been done in four years. After surging late in the Summer Split to put themselves in the best position possible for the Playoffs and Gauntlet, the team is seemingly bullet-proof.

Well, as long as you don’t remember their 3-1 loss to Dignitas that sent them to the Gauntlet in the first place. Still, Cloud9 fans can be excited knowing their team rallied back to take out CLG 3-1 in the Gauntlet finals.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t have questions. Here are five questions fans have for Cloud9 as they enter Worlds.

Is Ray going to play?

While we’ve seen a very standout Impact in the top lane as of late, Cloud9 spent much of the season alternating between the former World champion tank specialist and their carry specialist Ray. To win Worlds a team needs to use everything at their disposal. When it comes down to it, the fans would like to know how much of a backup they have.

What is the team doing to prevent another Rift Rivals?

Cloud9 represented North America on the international stage at the debuting Rift Rivals, and they didn’t do it as well as anyone would’ve hoped. But this disappointment largely stemmed from the team’s condition outside of game. Along with travel, the team had issues with sickness. AD carry Sneaky couldn’t even speak for entire games in the tournament, and it certainly took away from what the squad could do. The fans would like to know, what is the team doing to prevent the team losing on Summoner’s Rift for conditions outside of the game?

What happened against Team Dignitas?

Cloud9’s most recent results have been phenomenal, all except for a huge loss to Dignitas in the Summer Split Playoffs, 3-1. Dignitas were then annihilated in the tournament by Flyquest, and Cloud9 recovered their performance beating CLG in the Gauntlet. But while it’s in the rear-view now, the fans would like to know, what happened against Team Dignitas?

How does the team feel about their Worlds Play-In group?

Cloud9 likely have the easiest group in the tournament moving into the Play-In stage of Worlds, matched with OPL’s Dire Wolves and CBLOL’s Team oNe eSports. But the squad’s approach to these teams is still important. Looking too far ahead might mean a tragic disappointment, and while there are bigger fish to fry in this tournament, Cloud9 won’t have the opportunity if they don’t prove it on the Play-In stage.

Who is the team scrimming?

Scrim partners are one of the mostly elusive details of the competitive League of Legends teams. That’s because it’s an intimate training. Scrims let teams practice new strategies, picks, and ideas in the same setting as they compete to make sure they’re making the right decisions. Who a team scrims can lead to strategies being leaked (something that competitively effected Team Dignitas in the past with former TSM top laner Dyrus accidentally leaking a strategy that was then countered by Dig’s opponent,) counters being formed, and teams to get accustomed to playing one another. That means that teams must scrim others that are good enough to simulate their biggest rivals without actually training their biggest rivals against themselves. While Cloud9 largely scrims partner squad Flyquest from what we understand, the fans would like to know who their team is scrimming against coming into the biggest tournament of them all.

Let us know what questions you have for Cloud9 in the comments below as they step into the biggest battle of them all, the World Championship. 


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