Samsung Galaxy vs SKT T1: 2017 LCK Summer Playoffs preview, prediction, and live stream

The LCK Playoffs continue with a Bo5 between Samsung Galaxy and SKT on August 15! Who will win—and why?

by Daniil Volkov

Samsung Galaxy are rock solid. This is a lineup of veterans that values stability over anything else. You can always count on them to perform well, although they will rarely—if ever—blow you away. Still, who’s to say that slow and steady doesn’t win the race?

SKT T1 are a team with a ton of firepower. Their only issue was that—until recently—they couldn’t find the right way to use it. But SKT have made a statement with their one-sided victory against Afreeca Freecs. A statement that they’re once again setting their gaze on the LCK throne.


Daniil Volkov