Longzhu Gaming vs Samsung Galaxy: 2017 Worlds Quarterfinals preview, prediction & live stream

The 2017 Worlds knockout stage kicks off with a classic LCK matchup of Longzhu vs Samsung! Who will win—and why?

Longzhu Gaming started their World Championship with a bang by going 6-0 in their group! Whether it’s early game aggression, mid game decision-making, or late game teamfighting, Longzhu have mastered ins and outs of playing competitive League of Legends. And they’re here to prove it.

Samsung Galaxy had a much shakier start to their tournament. Despite retaining their trademark late game prowess, Samsung struggled to fend off RNG’s attacks. Combine that with the fact that Samsung’s carries aren’t looking nearly as dominant as they once were, and they’re coming into this series as very obvious underdogs.

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Top Lane Matchup

Even if someone once questioned a rookie performing on the international stage, Khan has long since put these doubts to rest. Sporting a 6.4 KDA and 9.4 CS per minute, Longzhu’s top laner pulls off carries in a tank-oriented meta—and he does it with great success. His laning and splitpushing are immaculate, but even more surprising are his consistently great showings in 5v5s.

Of course, CuVee has also been impressive on Samsung. With a 3.8 KDA and 9.6 CS per minute, he has a potent mix of mechanical talent and veteran experience that allows him to perform on a vast range of champions. Still, even CuVee will have to take a step back against Khan’s wild energy. 

Verdict: LZ Khan takes over the top lane.  

Jungle Matchup

If there’s one weak point on Longzhu, it’s Cuzz. Holding a 6.0 KDA and 3.6 CS per minute, he’s the sacrificial pawn that gives up resources to make his teammates shine., and his tendency to overstep his limits in teamfights and invades certainly doesn’t help his case.

As for Ambition, he’s a battle-hardened veteran that puts Samsung’s strategies together. With a 3.2 KDA and 5.2 CS per minute, he might not have the best presence early on, but he makes up for it with stellar play in the later stages of the game.

Verdict: SSG Ambition outmaneuvers Cuzz in the jungle. 

Mid Lane Matchup

Bdd is a force of nature. Sporting a massive 16.5 KDA and 9.4 CS per minute, this man always plays on the vanguard of Longzhu’s offensive, yet he never seems to give up kills. His laning phase is flawless, but even more impressive is Bdd’s ability to find cross-map plays together with his teammates. 

There used to be a time when the same could be said about Crown. With a 3.7 KDA and 9.0 CS per minute, he’s still a decent mid laner, but he has a tendency to make mechanical misplays and decision-making errors. We’re not quite sure what’s the reason for this decline, but Crown is going to have to bring out his A-game if hopes to stand a chance against Bdd.

Verdict: LZ Bdd puts on a clinic in the mid lane.

Bot Lane Matchup 

Longzhu’s bot lane always has all eyes on it. With a 9.7 KDA and 9.8 CS per minute, PraY is a masterful marksman that’s equally adept at staying safe and going for clutch outplays. Meanwhile, GorillA (5.8 KDA) backs up his AD carry with stunning showings on enchanters and playmakers alike. 

Of course, Samsung’s duo has also proven its worth on the international stage. But holding 3.6 KDA and 10.0 CS per minute pale, Ruler has trouble shining in the AD carry meta when it comes to anything other than teamfights. In a similar fashion, CoreJJ (6.7 KDA) is a talented support, but he can’t hope to match GorillA’s clutch playmaking. 

Verdict: LZ PraY and GorillA outgun the enemy bottom lane. 


Longzhu’s only weakness lies in the jungle, but Samsung don’t have what it takes to exploit it. Their playstyle relies on late game fights and scaling team comps, which makes them the perfect prey for Longzhu’s aggression. Our prediction: a 3-1 in favor of Longzhu Gaming!

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