LoL: Patch 7.17 Breakdown

Say hello to LoL patch 7.17 that introduces a new champion and Ardent Censer nerfs! Let’s break down the changes.

by Daniil Volkov


Ornn’s Item Factory

Ornn, the Fire Below the Mountain, has arrived! The champion introduces the blacksmith fantasy to the League of Legends setting by letting players craft their own items, provide upgrades to their teammates, increase crowd control duration, and ram their enemies with giant horns. You can check out the complete breakdown of his abilities here, and as always, brace yourselves for the incoming Ornn mains!

Draven Passive Nerfs

In a bizarre attempt to make Draven less oppressive, Riot decided to nerf his passive. Now, Glorious Executioner loses a whopping 75% of its stacks upon dying and gets 25 less base gold from champion kills. The only issue here is that a feeding Draven was already one of the most underwhelming picks in the game. On the other hand, a Draven that gets the snowball going is nigh unstoppable—and these changes do little to address that.

Ride of the Hecarim

You have to be wary when buffing Hecarim, because he’s always a single stride away from getting out of control. Riot changed Devastating Charge [E] to no longer tick down during Hecarim ultimate. Additionally, Onslaught of Shadows [R] fear duration now increases depending on the distance you charge. We’re very surprised Hecarim hasn’t seen a resurgence in the tank meta, and these changes further push him towards becoming a staple jungle pick.

The Little Leona That Could

Leona’s burst is about to get a lot bigger with a damage increase her passive (around 27% at max level). To compensate for the change, Riot reduced the duration of passive marks to 1.5 seconds, so the window to proc them will be much smaller for her allies. Also, Shield of Daybreak [Q] had its cooldown lowered to 6 seconds at all ranks, which will make Leona’s prolonged trades pack more punch in the early game. In the end, we doubt these buffs will make Leona return to competitive play, since there are better, risk-free alternatives to the champion.

Urgot’s Lock Down

Let’s face it, Urgot rework felt very clunky. Well, it’s about to get a whole lot smoother because Riot are making his Purge [W] refresh the lock down duration, so you won’t run into situations where you suddenly stop firing at your intended target. Oh, and if you miss a Disdain [E] while casting Purge, Urgot will resume firing his Gatling gun slightly faster than before. Fear Beyond Death [R] also got buffed to give a longer slow and a larger window for the execution ability. It’s no secret that Urgot felt a bit out of place in the current meta, so these changes might finally make him stable enough for the professional stage.

Ardent Censer Nerfs!

Hell, it’s about time! Ardent Censer isn’t the be-all and end-all solution to any bot lane problems. The item had its attacks speed buff cut down to 25% (as opposed to 20-35% it had before) and health drain bonus decreased to 25 (from 20-35). Ardent Censer will still be massive towards empowering hypercarries, but other supports will have a bit more breathing room to deal with it.

Gargoyle Stoneplate Bug Fix

There was a weird interaction with Cinderhulk and Stoneplate’s active. Basically, Cinderhulk applied its bonus health multiplier after the use of an active, resulting in around 250 more bonus health than intended. The one who suffers the most from this fix is obviously Cho’Gath who used Stoneplate to increase his Feast [R] burst. And to that, we say good riddance!

That’s it for our top changes of patch 7.17! As always, you can check the complete patch notes here, and we’ll see you on the Fields of Justice.


Daniil Volkov