LMS: Power Rankings and Summer Split preview

With the LMS Summer Split on the horizon, we look at which teams will rise to the top.

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On June 23, the LMS returns for its Summer Split. With only a few weeks to go before the action starts up again, we’ve put together our own Power Rankings for how we think the teams will get on.

8. Afro Beast

Afro Beast made it into the Summer Split after defeating Team Afro in a 3-2 series at the end of the Spring Split. Their bot lane duo, ART and SkuLL, look exciting, and it will be fun to see what they can bring to the LMS.

As Afro Beast is a somewhat unknown quantity, they could end up surprising everyone and climbing up the leaderboard this split. However, it seems more likely that Afro Beast will stay around the bottom of the table during this split.

7. Hong Kong Attitude

Hong Kong Attitude had several roster changes to grapple with during the Spring Split. Not only did Destiny join in January only to leave shortly thereafter, but there were two new signings in the form of Nova and BBTY in the jungle.

Although Hong Kong Attitude has several seasoned players, such as Riris in top lane, Gemini in the jungle and Chawy in mid lane, they failed to find any magic in the Spring Split, winning only 3 series out of 11. Unless they can find their spark again, Hong Kong Attitude may find themselves facing relegation at the end of the Summer Split. 

6. MAD Team

MAD Team is relatively new to the LMS, having acquired the roster and slot of ahq Fighter in the Spring Split.

Overall, the team had a mixed performance, performing well against teams such as J Team and ahq, but failing to make headway against top-tier teams such as Flash Wolves and G-Rex.

As it’s unlikely that MAD Team will challenge for a top-three finish, they may still make it back into the playoffs this Summer Split. However, they will need to beat out J Team and ahq in particular if they have any hopes of doing so.

5. J Team

J Team proved formidable during the Spring Split. Although they narrowly missed out on a playoffs spot, with MAD Team taking the fourth-place finish instead, J Team is expected to put up a fierce fight this split, and a playoffs spot could be on the horizon.

While they have top-class talent through the likes of mid-laner FoFo, J Team need to ensure they can defeat the top teams such as Flash Wolves and G-Rex if they want to finish higher than fifth, which is something they struggled with during the Spring Split.

4. ahq e-Sports Club

ahq always tends to finish within the top four of the LMS, having produced consistent performances split after split. However, the 2018 Spring Split finally saw ahq’s consistency unravel.

Roster changes, particularly the loss of westdoor, Albis, and Chawy, hit ahq hard. Coupled with the rising star of teams such as J Team, ahq only managed a sixth place finish in the Spring Split. With the recent signing of Taizan in the jungle, perhaps ahq will claw back some ground this split, but their synergy will have to improve if they want to make it back to the top of the table.

3. Machi E-Sports

Although Machi couldn’t rise to the heights of Flash Wolves and G-Rex during the Spring Split, they still put on a solid performance, taking third place overall with eight series to six.

However, there have been a few roster changes going into the Summer Split, with M1ssion signed to mid lane alongside Apex, and Crash taking over in the jungle. If Machi can ensure their synergy is strong from the start of the split, there’s every chance that this team could make it to playoffs again.

2. G-Rex

G-Rex had a huge Spring Split, coming in second overall. The fact they only lost two series all split can be attributed to standout performances from the likes of top laner PK, who was awarded Group Stage MVP and was also named part of the LMS All-Pro Team during the Spring Split.

As G-Rex is coming into the Summer Split with an unchanged roster, it should just be a case of sticking to the same strategies and gameplay this split to stay within the top tier of teams. However, Flash Wolves will certainly give them a run for their money for first place, especially since their fierce MSI performance.

1. Flash Wolves

The departure of Karsa for Royal Never Give Up before the Spring Split led many to question whether Flash Wolves would still be up to the task of dominating the LMS league table. However, fans of the Flash Wolves needn’t have feared, as the team has remained on excellent form, and once again secured first place during the 2018 Spring Split – their third consecutive title.

Given Flash Wolves’ recent fourth-place finish at MSI, along with Maple’s standout mid lane performance during the tournament, it’s widely expected that LMS will continue to storm the LMS during the Summer Split.

Which team do you think will win the 2018 LMS Summer Split? Let us know in the comments below!