LCK Playoff Finals: King-Zone DragonX vs Afreeca Freecs

We’ve reached the LCK final between King-Zone and Afreeca- who will be crowned the champion for the LCK Spring Split?

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After a competitive 2018 Spring Season, the two top teams from the LCK will battle for the title of best in the region. The dominant King-Zone DragonX will face the new and improved Afreeca Freecs in a BO5 to be crowned 2018 LCK Spring Season champions on Saturday, April 14. 

King-Zone look to put an extra exclamation mark on their Spring Season

King-Zone blew out the competition throughout their Spring Season going 16-2, earning 1st seed, and an automatic trip to the finals. They won the Summer Season finals when they were formerly known as Longzhu Gaming, but along with their name change, King-Zone improved with their offseason addition of Peanut. The jungler has a lot of experience in playoffs and international tournaments, previously being with SKT during their Worlds run, so he will play a key role in the series.

King-Zone has a stunning roster, to the point it is hard to find a weakness in their players. Bdd was crowned the MVP of this season for his play in the mid-lane over the likes of Faker and Kuro. Peanut also finished in 2nd in the MVP which is unheard of that two teammates were competing in the MVP race. This jungle/mid duo look showcase that they can be the most terrifying in the region.

Afreeca will have to focus on shutting down a part of the map against King-Zone to limit the amount of damage they will create with all of their explosive players.

Afreeca can start their own powerhouse team with this chance

Afreeca cements themselves in the history books if they can beat one of the best teams in the world on Saturday. With so many top teams in just one region it there will always be one or two well known World caliber teams not able to make it. Afreeca has been a decent team in these recent seasons but have come up short on making it to the international stage. They will have to prove themselves against world class players who have only lost twice this season, and now’s the time to do it.

Pressure will be on Kuro who is playing against some of his former teammates in  Peanut, PraY, and GorillA. When Kuro was with his former teammates during the ROX Tigers days and their Worlds run in 2016, he was known as the weakest link to the team because he had to go up against Faker and didn’t have the consistent play of his teammates. 

Kuro has performed well during the Spring Season, finishing 2nd in KDA (5.5) for mid-laners behind Bdd.

Kramer was a huge upside in Afreeca’s victory over KT Rolster. In their three victories in the semis he performed well against KT’s bot lane Deft and Mata, going 17/2/10.

What comes from next for the winners?

The winner of the LCK finals between King-Zone and Afreeca will earn a trip to the Mid-Seasonal Invitational (MSI) tournament where it will be held in Europe for the first time in May. Both teams have also been qualified for Rift Rivals against China and LMS later in July. 

This final has championship points up for grabs which will help them get closer to their goal of making it to South Korea for Worlds 2018. Both teams have already earned 70 points so far in the Spring Season, but winning the finals for spring earns them an extra 20 points which can go a long way down the road. 

Since these are the two top teams in the LCK, beating out names like KT Rolster and SKT to get here, expect the series to be action packed and suspenseful. Finals take place on Saturday, April 14 at 4:00 am EST. 

Who do you think will win, King-Zone or Afreeca? Let us know in the comments below!