kt Rolster vs SKT T1: 2017 LCK Summer Playoffs preview, prediction & live stream

SKT’s Playoffs run continues! Can they take down kt Rolster—a team that was specifically built to defeat them?

by Daniil Volkov

As strong as KT have been, they’ve always had some issues. A huge part of it is synergy. Every player of theirs is an LCK veteran that could have an entire team built around him, but working together seems to be a tall order for these superstars. When it comes to shot calling, KT aren’t as decisive as a top-3 Korean team should be—and that’s something their enemies can exploit.

SKT T1 are on fire, baby! After a shocking slump, this team came back in full force for the playoffs. Their roster stabilized to the point where they have a solid 5-man core that doesn’t need to rely on endless substitutions, and their teamwork is looking sharper than ever. Once again, SKT are a powerhouse in every sense of the word.


Daniil Volkov