Fnatic vs H2K: 2017 Summer EU LCS Third Place preview, prediction & live stream

Fnatic meet H2K in a Bo5 on September 2nd! Which team will walk away with the EU LCS bronze medal?

by Daniil Volkov

We’d be lying if we said we expected Fnatic to not make the Summer Split finals. Despite their stacked roster and an impressive run in the regular split, Fnatic fell short against Misfits in the Semifinals. And while it was largely due to the massive improvements on the Misfits side, we can’t help thinking Fnatic are too predictable with their jungle routes and top lane priority.

There’s no easy fix for H2K’s problems. After getting clean swept by G2 Esports, the org is about to face the one team it could never defeat. Worst of all, it’s not even Nuclear and Chei that are holding them back. H2K’s veterans are routinely making blatant decision-making mistakes and mechanical misplays, and we don’t see a team like that succeeding any time soon.


Daniil Volkov