EU LCS Spring Split week 7: Fnatic vs Team Vitality

Can Vitality come back from their losing streak to defeat first-placed Fnatic in week seven of the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split?

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Going into week seven, both Fnatic and Team Vitality look placed to secure a coveted spot in the playoffs, as Fnatic sit on first place whilst Vitality have dropped to third in the standings. However, where Vitality have faltered, Fnatic and G2 Esports have improved their performances, and many would consider Fnatic and G2 to be the real contenders for the top spot in Europe when the Spring Split ends in three weeks’ time.

Can Vitality defy the critics’ expectations and pull out a win against the current champions of Europe, Fnatic?

Fnatic are on a roll

Going into week seven, Fnatic are enjoying a huge win streak of six games in a row, and will likely feel confident in their week seven games against Misfits and Vitality.

Part of Fnatic’s recent success is due to the synergy between Caps and Rekkles (or Capless, as some have called them.) Both carries have been working hard to pull in the results for their team, and their hard work has paid off.

During Fnatic’s game against H2k in week six, Caps was present throughout the match, taking kills at every opportunity, taking double kill at 29:55, with Rekkles also following up with a kill of his own. Caps ended that game with a KDA of 8/0/5 and Rekkles with 8/1/9, showing that both midlaner and ADC are performing at the moment.

Fnatic’s performance against H2k was no less impressive during their second game of week six against G2 Esports. As the match of week six, tensions were high, as the winner of this match would take the top stop in the EU LCS standings.

Fnatic’s Broxah focused on helping bot lane during the early game, which helped Rekkles to take a double kill at just three minutes. However, G2 responded by pushing top lane, leaving the game wide open.

Despite a 10k gold advantage from G2 by 36:30 minutes, a misplay by Jankos and Perkz led to Perkz being caught out of position on Ryze, and he was dispatched by Fnatic. Thereafter, Fnatic took the Elder Dragon, and with it had a hope of taking home the win.

The final decider came during a team fight over Baron at 39:40. Fnatic had control over the engage, and burst down Baron quickly, with Rekkles also picking up a double kill with Sivir. Fnatic then pushed the Baron buff to head straight to G2’s nexus, and secured the win at 41:03 minutes.

High off their performances, Fnatic look to continue making their mark on all competition.

Team Vitality need to step up

It’s been a tough few weeks for Team Vitality, having lost all their games during weeks five and six. Vitality’s wins from earlier in the Spring Split have come to their aide, keeping Vitality in third place going into week seven.

But how long can they rest on their laurels?

If they want to remain towards the top of the standings, Team Vitality will need to produce wins, and to do that they will need to rethink their play style. For instance, Vitality’s team composition against Misfits in week six was a difficult one to pull off, with Jiizuke on Kassadin and Cabochard on Rumble, and Misfits took advantage with a more forgiving draft of Camille, Zac, Zoe, Ezreal and Shen support. Individually Gilius has also struggled lately, failing to take a single kill during both of week six’s games.

Unfortunately for Team Vitality, their road to the top will not get any easier, as they are scheduled to face FC Schalke 04 and Fnatic in week seven. But if they can secure better drafts, and look to adapt their tactics away from the early game, we may see a turn of fortune this week, and perhaps even a surprise upset when Vitality face Fnatic. 

For the EU LCS post-season, this is a major matchup.

Fnatic and Vitality will go head to head on Saturday 3rd March. Coverage of all Saturday’s games will start at 5pm CET, which you can watch on the LoL Esports YouTube channel. 

Who do you think will win, Fnatic or Vitality? Let us know in the comments below!