Echo Fox vs FlyQuest: Post-game analysis

One of the most ‘make or break’ teams in the NA LCS, Echo Fox, face off against a FlyQuest that looks all over the place. Who starts the Spring Split with a victory?

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While these two teams might be older than the new four that joined in the NA LCS this season, Echo Fox and FlyQuest are both relatively new to the competitive scene with no more than four years of professional experience between the two of them. 

Couple their youthful age with the fact that neither team have gotten above fifth place in the NA LCS and you would expect a match between EF and FQ to be the League equivalent of Stoke City vs Wigan Athletic: Lots of risky play without much consistency and after 90 minutes, someone would scrape by with a win.

So you can imagine our surprise when Echo Fox showcased a game with such poise and talent that I couldn’t help but compare their performance to Team Liquid’s first match against TSM this season. In fact, its not even clear if FlyQuest were performing poorly or if they were wildly outplayed.

But in any case, lets recap.

Champion select

Picks and bans began ordinarily with WildTurtle picking a Varus against Altec’s Kog’maw. The jungle matchup consisted of Echo Fox’s Zac vs FlyQuest’s Jarvan while the teams ended up with Fenix’s Ryze facing Keane’s Cassiopeia in the mid lane.

After a second round of bans came through, everyone and their mother were confused and excited to see that Huni would be taking Lucian top lane, a legend of sorts. Something he had tried his hand at before and failed. Echo Fox’s support Adrian showed some confidence of his own with a Shen pick in which he also ran ignite. FlyQuest opted for the much more conservative picks of Gangplank in the top lane and Alistar support. The battle lines were drawn.

Quiet beginnings

The game went on through its early stages without a hitch for either team. Most lanes were even on gold, with Huni proving to be a nuisance for Flame, gaining a 20-cs lead by minute 7, and showing the only real lead to be had on the rift. 

There are some games with small skirmishes throughout its entirety. And then there are others that save all the fighting for epic full-team clashes. This match proved to be the latter in 13th minutes when two Flyquest players, Stun and AnDa, invaded an unaware Dardoch as he cleared his red buff. The FQ jungler-support duo immediately jumped onto Dardoch, bringing him to around 30% health in a matter of seconds. 

Just as fast as the encounter began, it turned into a full-team frenzied rotation. Every lane began to converge to the buff to aid their teammates. Teleports were used as both laners aimed to get themselves into the thick of things. Huni narrowly escaped being locked down and managed to get a good ultimate off to takedown the invading Stunt while Dardoch and Altec burned AnDa down. 

Upon seeing his jungler and support fall, Flame flashed in retreat, leaving his mid laner and AD carry alone to be hunted down by Zac’s mobility and Shen’s protection. The teams, who were nearly dead-even until this point, were now vastly unequal, with the advantage going straight to Echo Fox. 

The Echo Fox show

The game thereafter was Fly Quest bending to Echo Fox’s will. The visionless team would roam their jungle, trying to find what farm they could, and inevitably get picked off one by one as they got caught out, often trying to contest objectives. 

The difference in power for the teams was really exemplified in a team fight that took place at the 24-minute mark when FlyQuest began putting pressure on Echo Fox’s frontline. Dardoch and Adrian held their own against three while Huni danced past everyone to get to FlyQuest’s backline, making quick work of WildTurtle and forcing FlyQuest to retreat once more. 

Its the small mechanical and macro game advantages that Echo Fox showed that really put the nail in FlyQuest’s coffin this game, and it wouldn’t be unfair to say that Huni made most of the difference. It will be interesting to see if Echo Fox can show themselves to be a cohesive team where everyone is important, or if Huni will make a name for himself while being the crutch that the rest of the players lean on to win. 

Either way, it was a good performance from Echo Fox, and fairly underwhelming and unorganized showing from FlyQuest. We’ll see how they bounce back for day two! Stay tuned with RealSport to read all about it.