CBLOL: Power Rankings and Winter Season preview

The Winter Season for the CBLOL is just around the corner, so it’s time to take a look and see how the teams will get on.

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The Summer Season was a cracker for the CBLOL, with plenty of drama both at the top and bottom of the league table. Although teams such as KaBuM! e-Sports and RED Canids ran away with convincing performances, all eyes will be on them to see whether they can hold momentum during the upcoming Winter Season, or whether their positions at the top can be challenged.

We take an unofficial look at the Winter Season with our own Power Rankings. Let us know whether you agree!

8. INTZ e-Sports

INTZ, much like KaBuM!, seems to suffer from inconsistency in their strategy and gameplay. Whilst KaBuM! seems to be enjoying an upswing in performance, INTZ appears to be on a downward trend. Despite taking first place in both the 2017 Summer and Winter Seasons, INTZ found themselves in 6th place in the 2018 Summer Season, only narrowly avoiding relegation. 

If INTZ doesn’t improve their synergy and gameplay, relegation is a strong possibility this Winter Season. However, a swathe of recent sub signings, including Balto and Hauz, may be just what the doctor ordered and could get this team back on track. 

7. IDM Gaming

IDM is a new addition to the CBLOL this Winter Season. They seem to be preparing for their time in the CBLOL, having recently signed Fitz in top lane and Cabu in support. What’s more, they’ve also signed on strategic coach ScrappyDoo.

Although they are another relatively young team, expect IDM to come to the stage with a lot to prove, having missed out on a shot in the CBLOL back in the 2016 Winter Playoffs. However, despite their good intentions to do well, only time will tell whether their ambitions can be realized.

6. ProGaming Esports

ProGaming had a less than stellar Summer Season, finishing up in the middle of the pack in fifth place. Since then, ProGaming has seen roster changes, mainly with the introduction of Lynkez as starting mid laner, although there have also been changes to their coaching squad.

Their performance this season will depend upon mid lane developing synergy with the rest of the team quickly, and how well the coaching staff can refocus their efforts.

5. Flamengo eSports

Flamengo is one of the two new teams in the CBLOL this Winter Season, having taken one of the two spots created by the relegation of paiN Gaming and Team oNe esports.

Their roster looks promising, with a mix of talents such as recent signing Shrimp and experienced veterans such as brTT in ADC, who previously played for paiN Gaming and RED Canids. If the team can work on getting their synergy in order, then expect Flamengo to pose a challenge to the top-tier teams.

4. Vivo Keyd

Vivo narrowly beat out CNB for a third-place finish during the Summer Season, due to their faster average victory times, but that third place is likely to be challenged this Winter Season, as a recent change in coaching roles, with Abaxial leaving, may cause problems for Vivo. 

However, their roster remains solid, so if they can maintain their gameplay and strategies from Summer Season, they should be in good shape to finish in a similar position. But the top is getting heavier this season.

3. CNB e-Sports Club

CNB is no stranger to creative team plays as they proved during their backdoor win against paiN Gaming in the early weeks of the Summer Season. If they can continue with their creative plays and good team synergy, then they will likely improve upon their position from the Summer Season, although their main competition still looks to be Vivo, KaBuM! and RED. That’s a difficult lineup.

2.KaBuM! e-Sports

KaBuM! is almost the definition of an inconsistent team. Having been relegated back in the 2017 Winter Season, no-one expected KaBuM to achieve the incredible feat of taking first place in the 2018 Winter Season, with six series to one.

Their impressive performance carried over to MSI 2018 where they put up a great fight to try to make it to the Play-In Knockouts. However, despite their MSI dreams being foiled by BAUSuperMassive eSports, KaBuM looked like a solid roster, and their international experience will do them a world of good coming back to the Winter Season.

However, given how up and down KaBuM! can be, the jury is still out whether they can successfully defend their title. If they can prove that the 2018 Summer Season wasn’t a fluke, then they may have a shot at the crown once more, but otherwise, it looks unlikely. 

1. RED Canids

RED looked to be in great shape from the beginning of the Summer Season. Even during the early weeks, top laner LEP managed some impressive plays, including a two on one outplay against ProGaming eSports.

However, RED appears to suffer from second-place syndrome. Not only did they narrowly miss out on first place during the 2018 Summer Season as KaBuM! managed a faster average victory time, but they also claimed second place in the 2017 Summer and Winter Seasons.

However, the stars may align this season, and RED’s chances for that first-place spot have never looked better. Expect them to come back fighting for first place, with it looking as though preparations are underway, with their three recent sub signings in the form of Guigo, Avenger, and Perz rounding out this tried and tested lineup.

Winter Season

The Winter Season will start on June 9-10th, with INTZ e-Sports facing off against KaBuM! e-sports.

Which team do you think will win the 2018 CBLOL Winter Season? Let us know in the comments below!