Biofrost: Reaching for greatness

Biofrost had a great start to his League of Legends career on Team SoloMid, but it's only now that he can truly start reaching for greatness.

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Vincent “Biofrost” Wang seemingly came out of nowhere. He joined Team SoloMid in the middle of 2016 as a replacement for veteran support Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim. Under other circumstances, it would be reasonable for Biofrost to spend his first NA LCS split learning the ropes and adjusting to his new role on the team, but TSM had just come off a shaky 2016 Spring Split, and they still had the reputation of a North American powerhouse to uphold.

There was no time for learning. If Biofrost wanted to grow into a player worthy of fighting under the TSM banner, he had to do it on the fly. And that’s exactly what Biofrost did. 

Despite being a complete rookie, he played with skill and conviction that put most veterans to shame. He also fully embraced the aggressive playstyle of his superstar lane partner Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, turning their duo into the most explosive bot lane in the league. 

With his help, TSM surged to a first-place finish with an impressive 17-1 regular season record and back-to-back playoffs victories over their long-standing rivals in CLG and Cloud9. It was a perfect start to his LCS career. But things were about to get even better. 

For the next two years, Biofrost continued to enjoy domestic success on TSM. His mechanics kept getting sharper with every game, and his calm and well-spoken demeanor quickly made him a fan favorite. Combine that with the fact that he was also the only variable that changed between the bumbling failure that was the TSM of 2016 spring and the confident juggernaut that was the TSM of 2017 summer, and it was easy to think of Biofrost as the next great North American support. 

But he wasn’t. 

The lack of international results forced Team SoloMid to overhaul their roster, and Biofrost was the first on the chopping block. He joined Counter Logic Gaming thinking he could keep the momentum going on a new team, but he fell short. The 2018 NA LCS Spring Split saw CLG fail to make the playoffs for the first time in organization history, and while they tried to bounce back, they suffered a similar fate in summer. 

Of course, it was hard to put all of this on Biofrost. 

The bot lane was the strongest part of that CLG roster, and Biofrost was a huge reason behind its dominance. But he wasn’t a game-changer. He wasn’t the driving force that could turn around a struggling lineup, and it quickly became apparent just how much of his success Biofrost owed to playing on TSM and laning together with Doublelift.

To most players, a realization like this would be crushing. 

To Biofrost, it was an opportunity to take a step back and reevaluate his play. Even during his time on TSM, he was keenly aware of his shortcomings. He started his career as a rookie in a lineup of battle-hardened veterans, so he became a follower. A mechanically proficient one, sure, but a follower nonetheless. Now that he had to stand on his own two feet, relying on mechanical prowess alone was no longer an option. He had to bring something else to the table.

He had to become a shot caller.

It’s no secret that Biofrost used his first year on Counter Logic Gaming to become one of the most vocal members on the team. Of course, the fact that CLG missed the playoffs mark twice doesn’t speak highly of his shot calling abilities, but for Biofrost, improvement was always a process. He has the grinder mindset to know that hours translate to results, and now that he became the captain of CLG, it might be the best time to see the fruits of his labor. 

Biofrost isn’t a natural prodigy. He doesn’t have the instinctual game sense of someone like Chauster or the commanding presence of someone like Aphromoo. But he does have the self-awareness to recognize his flaws and the drive to chase perfection. 

It’s these virtues that allow Biofrost to keep reaching for greatness.

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Daniil Volkov

I craft League of Legends narratives and cover LCK, NA & EU LCS.