AD carries are getting a makeover

Have you gotten used to patch 8.9? Good. Now prepare for the massive changes coming to the rift in patch 8.11, courtesy of Riot .

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Obviously there’s going to be a whole patch in between .9 and .11, but its still almost comical how many game changes are being thrown at summoner’s faces almost weekly.

Today, more of this info came forth in a dev blog aimed at preparing every summoner for the road ahead. 

So what are the changes, then?

All ADC related

To start, Riot summarized their goals as “Two patches from now, we’re releasing a bunch of changes to marksman items, runes, and stats… you’ll see more marksman play styles that aren’t ‘late-game crits or bust.'” 

Pretty much everything that followed that summary was a list of new items, runes, and changes to existing aspects of the game all geared toward changing the game up for the right-click extraordinaires. 

Let’s get to digging.

Items and runes (The new)

  1. Stormrazor (Item) : The new AD & Attack Speed item hasn’t had its values listed yet, but did have a description regarding its two unique passives. Essentially, this item allows a free critical strike as long you haven’t attacked anything ‘recently’ and  gives you extra movement speed and attack speed every time you critical strike. This item looks like a nice fit for champions who are looking to hit hard and reposition quickly. Draven comes to mind. But until we see the actual number values, we’ll have to wait and see.
  2. Hail of Blades (Rune): This new keystone gives your champion an attack speed steroid for the first three attacks you make against a champion in combat. You attack speed during this time can exceed the 2.5 cap. Obviously this is a good keystone on champions who are looking to delete an enemy in just a few hits, but could be seen on champions who are looking to get their on-hit effects off as much as possible, such as Kog-maw. Again, time will tell. 

Items and runes (The changed) 

Infinity Edge

Ye old crit machine has been altered pretty drastically.

For starters, I.E. now doubles your current critical strike chance, but offers you none on its own. Which basically means you can’t build this as a first item anymore, and also meaning early lane phases may rely less on rolling the crit dice.

The item now also gives more flat AD, and converts some of your critical damage into true damage. Tanks be weary.

Also mentioned in this change is the fact that Zeal and all of its upgrades will cost more so that early game critical strike shows up less often elsewhere too. 

(Also Cloak of Agility has retired, sorry for everyone who already got their 99.)

Essence Reaver

More damage, more mana, more CDR.

This item typically saw the least amount of play among ADC items all things considered, but the new passives might change that.

The first new unique gives a portion of your missing mana as a return every basic attack.
The second gives you an attack speed buff every time you launch off your ultimate and takes time off your non-ultimate cooldowns for every attack made during that buff.

Sounds pretty good for a champion like Ezreal who wants to be slinging off his abilities as much as possible with a lot of mana return.

Lord Dominik’s Regards

Now gives more damage, and gives you a large amount of total armor penetration.

Also mentioned in this change is Giant Slayer‘s retirement. I have no RS references for this one.

Blade of the Ruined King

Cheaper! Possibly a really good first item. Especially with all the critical strikes nerfs.

 The Bloodthirster

Cheaper!  Stay thirsty my friends.

Guardian Angel

More armor, more damage. You might consider building this early on in the game as its value without the passive is going to be better and pays back its cost in dividends. Or you might not! All in good time.

Maw of Malmortius

More AD and more Magic Resist. The shield it gives you won’t scale off of MR any longer, which basically means that ADC’s can consider this item against AP heavy teams more often. Nothing much to see here.

Stat changes 

Along with the hype of new and improved(?) items comes some interesting alterations to Marksmen’s base stats and their growth. 

Every ADC starting in patch 8.11 will have 5 base armor removed and will lose 2 health regeneration per 5 seconds. They will also gain increases to level 1 health (varying for each champ: TBD) and health growth per level. 

They will also lose 4 AD at the start of the game and will be given .7 AD per level. Its not clear whether or not these changes are aimed at spurring more action in the bot lane in the same way 8.9’s mana changes encouraged trading in the mid-lane, but what is clear is that the mid-game for ADC’s is looking pretty good, and I look forward to getting kited by all the pro Ashe players who will inevitably come out of the woodworks when this patch hits the rift.