A Farewell to NEACE

A valuable coach, streamer, and innovator. League will have to say goodbye to all three in NEACE.

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Image Credit: Growing

On March 15th, 2018, NEACE announced via twitter that he was going to stop streaming League of Legends and move to the popular battle royal game “Fortnite,” sparking a small movement of fans doing the same.

The streamer/youtuber started his League of Legends as a self proclaimed abuser of ‘Nid mid.” It was a strategy he apparently played well, but wasn’t the strategy he’d become known for. As the LA based player began growing in popularity on twitch, most people would come to know him as two things; a split pusher, and a coach. 

A split pusher

Using his platform on twitch, NEACE popularized his solo queue style of ‘ignore my team, end the game on my own terms.’ He did this by showcasing his 1v1 prowess in lane with champions like Gangplank and his very own ‘Tryndamere with smite top lane’ (as shown in this video here,) and then using his self-made leads to single handedly run down the enemy team by shoving into their nexus through nothing but sheer split push. 

The success of his play style in the the top of the rift served as a meaningful example of how a League player can, with enough practice, pilot a strategy that allows for a less team-reliant climb rate. Leaving the excuse of ‘if only it wasn’t for my bad team’ in the dust.

Not only did NEACE show season after season that League as a whole can be a competitive game that doesn’t rely purely on a teammate’s skill, but his accomplishments in 2017 and early 2018 stood as arguments against the common thought that the top lane in 2018 has no autonomy in the game of League: an argument most associated with Hashinshin, another popular twitch streamer that NEACE happened to bash heads with when talking about the current state of top lane. 

A Coach

His aggressive play style and game knowledge were so sought after that he managed to make a successful business model by coaching amateur players who were looking to climb the solo queue ladder. 

Players would send in replays of games they wanted NEACE to analyze along with a fee, and the streamer would spend an hour or so deconstructing all of the good / bad moves made on the part of the client. 

It was a tradition that helped out those sending in replays, but was also an intricate enough practice that his audience could learn from the mistakes of others by listening to the streamer give his two cents on everything that happened in the aforementioned replays.

In the end, despite having an array of videos featuring compilations and top lane guides, NEACE will be remembered for his analytical mindset and straight-to-the-point attitude that reminds us all of the fact that League isn’t just an online competition of mechanics. At its core, it’s an art form that requires years upon years of study and practice to have proficient skill in. 

This is NEACE’s biggest contribution to the LoL community, and the community is better for it. And the community thanks him for it. 

Luckily, the streamer hasn’t taken a move away from gaming completely, and will continue to practice his skills in fortnite on his twitch channel. So check him out if that’s your kinda thing.