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Is Thymesia Coming To Xbox Game Pass?

Thymesia is following in the same direction as Elden Ring and Bloodborne. However, will the game be included with the Xbox Games Pass subscription service?

The game looks at a brutal reality where alchemy has gone too far. This world is on the brink of annihilation and players will decide whether they pull this back or push it over the edge.

The game was first shown at the 2022 Future games Show and so many fans are waiting for its release. With all the excitement gearing up for this game, let's look to see if it will be on the Xbox games pass.

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What is the Xbox Games Pass?

The Xbox Games Pass is a service which gives users access to free games to download. Monthly payments are also required as the service is subscription based.

Xbox Games Pass
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The Xbox Games Pass can also be used on a PC which is great for accessing Xbox-exclusive content.

Thymesia content

Thymesia will see players take the position of Corvus, who wears a spooky plague doctor mask. Fitting to his style, he is able to control diseases to turn them into biological weapons. He also has a raven form he can transition into.

Thymesia raven form
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The game will include some brutal graphics further enforced with the plague weapon system. The whole gothic aesthetic is definitely there with the protagonist's plague doctor mask.

Will Thymesia be on the Xbox pass?

Thymesia is coming to Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC on 18th August 2022. There is currently no information on whether the game will be on the Games Pass. However, as soon as this knowledge is made clear, this article will be updated.

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