Is Kena: Bridge of Spirits coming to Xbox?

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is almost here and that leaves a couple of lingering questions. Most of which can be figured out with enough time but the fate of the console exclusive on Xbox consoles is a little trickier.

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Here's what we know so far.

Release Date

Kena: Bridge of Spirits finally launches on September 21st. This comes after half a year of delays and more than enough hype.


If you want to play the game for yourself, you can get it preordered right now for access the moment it goes live, and you some options depending on any edition (Standard or Digital Deluxe) or preorder bonuses you want to grab.



As of right now, you can pick up Kena: Bridge of Spirits on PS4 and PS5 if you like playing on console. Purchasing on either Sony console will grant you the ability to play both versions of the game. You can also preorder for some nice exclusive goodies and digital gear.

If PC is more your kind of thing, you can play the game via the Epic Game Store. There is no word just yet on a Steam release. There isn't a game page yet but that doesn't mean it won't eventually arrive. This being said, it could certainly come to Steam in the future, and that's not the only platform change that could happen post-launch.

So what about Xbox?

Is Kena: Bridge of Spirits coming to Xbox?

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a timed exclusive for the PlayStation console. This means that they don't have an exclusivity deal long-term and it could potentially go wherever it likes after a while.

Fundamentally, this means that the ball is in Microsoft's court at the end of the day. They could potentially get the game on Xbox consoles in the future if the team reaches a compromise for its release. If we're really lucky, we may even see an Xbox Game Pass launch!

But for now, there's no confirmation players will get Kena: Bridge of Spirits on Xbox even long after launch.