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Incognito, "Our goal is qualifying for every international event"

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Interview was edited lightly for clarity All credit goes to Benjamin "Gratz" Graham for the interviews and coverage from the Faceit Global Summit! 

Last night we saw you guys take down Ence in the final game of the night to put the nail in the coffin for the #1 rated EU team who had a dominant first split in the PEL. Did you guys notice what you had done whilst playing?

Insight - I think after we killed them we realized that they weren’t going to qualify, and I kinda felt bad because they were one of my favourite teams heading into the tournament.

Ykikamucow - They were in our way.

Ronon - Well technically we were in their way.

Ykikamucow - Yeah they ran into our bullets. 


You had a close race with athleticoES in the ESL AU and NZ Championship with the final game deciding who came here this weekend, can you tell us a bit about how you guys felt going along the season knowing there's only one spot but another team right on your shoulder?

Ykikamucow - There was a lot of pressure to do that because every single week when we played it would always be one week we’d be in front and one week they’d be in front, but it was always really close because we just wanted to make sure when we we’re in a position to fight them we we’re coming out on top. I don't think we would always come otu on top when we faced them directly, but it felt good to qualify. 

Insight - Yeah every time we saw them in the killfeed we would kinda try to capitalize on killing them as we knew like they were our only contention.

How have you found the shift into having much more developer support within PUBG esports with the new AU/NZ league?

Ykikamucow - The last time we had a structured thing was like for the PGI which was really cool, and we we’re sort of hyped for that but we understood that was a bit unrealistic so this is our first major event we qualified for through an online qualifier so that's cool.

Insight - Its really good to have a structure so we know what's coming up and then orgs and stuff can actually rely on there’s going to be this international event and then this international event.

Do you have a specific goal throughout the team for the end of the year?

Jouxy - Our goal is definitely qualifying for every international event throughout the year so our next event after this event is obviously Sweden for phase 2, but I don’t think they’ve announced the event for after phase 3 but we want to qualify for that as well obviously the more events we go to the more experience we’ll get and the better we’ll perform and we can take that on board to our home region and hopefully perform well over there.

I saw a tweet from you Jouxy where you highlighted a massive change in your performance from day one to day two. Did the team do anything differently to give you more opportunities or did your improvements come as a personal change? 


Jouxy - So day one was a bit of an eye opener, we had a couple of unfavourable circles and we were struggling to adapt to understand how to play those circles. So we came in day three not just counting myself, but we put up some good numbers individually and it felt really really good to take the opportunity to take those shots and those fights and perform well. 

Do you think that PUBG has a chance among the Oceanic esports scene and how do you think it can grow further?

Jouxy - Its kinda difficult to say because it really relies on our player base. We have our own oceanic community back home that follow us but in regards to the competitive scene I feel like if we perform well internationally maybe we’ll get a bit more fans if the structure for competitive PUBG improves and the game itself improves maybe for the casual player base so that’s the only way I can see the competitive scene in the Oceanic growing at all.

Ykikamucow – Its really hard to grow the competitive scene because we don’t have any public matchmaking servers because they default to SEA so its hard because people start out on 100 ping and they don’t wanna keep playing to get better. We really need to get onto creating a PUG system so that everyone can play against each other more often because right now the current player developed system is not working. 

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