How to Get the Most Out of Hearthstone Without Paying

Pay-to-Win? Not quite.

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How to Get the Most Out of Hearthstone Without Paying

Many modern PC games have been branded as greedy money grabs with the term pay-to-win. This means that the more real money a player spends on the game, the more successful they will be. It’s a great way to make money, but also a great way to turn gamers away. Hearthstone, admittedly, falls under that category at first glance. Spending money will allow you to collect a wide variety of cards a lot sooner. However, we here at RealSport believe any individual can see success in Hearthstone without spending a single penny.

The key is to take advantage of resources available through free play. Your first tip will be to avoid playing too many Solo Adventures. First off, they cost either real money or a large sum of gold to play past the first match. The reward is also seldom worth the effort. Conquering a solo adventure will earn you a few specially themed cards that may or may not be useful to your chosen deck. Focus on earning gold. As a beginner, or sometimes an intermediate player, there are several ways to earn lots of gold quickly. For more on those check out this article from our Hearthstone guides. 

The Arena

Once you’re past the starting gold stage, have earned a bit of experience, and are confident in deck making, you’ll want to head into The Arena. The Arena is your best shot at earning all of the available resources in multiples. Although it does cost 150 gold, you’re guaranteed a pack of cards at the very least. Now I know you’re probably thinking it sounds like a waste since a regular pack of cards cost only 100 gold, but like I said, enter the arena once you are confident in your Hearthstone skill and knowledge. You’ll be prompted to construct a deck from 1 of 3 classes, 30 sets of 3 random cards in which you select 1 from each. The more wins your rack up before hitting 3 losses, the higher your pay out will be. You can earn individual cards, card packs, gold, and arcane dust.

Arcane dust is your next essential resource. By now you’ll know how to deal with gold and card packs, but when you unravel your rewards in from The Arena you might be a little confused to see this small blue bottle floating around. Fear not, the concept is simple and useful. Once you’ve created a strong base in a deck, you’ll find in order to perfect it you just need to sharpen a few edges by adding specific cards that may not be at your disposal at the moment. This is where the arcane dust comes in. Go into your collection and at the bottom right of your screen you’ll find the crafting button. In crafting mode you can trade in your stardust for that game changing card you’re looking for. Each card has a price though so make sure you put that arcane dust to good use. Need just a little more arcane dust for that legendary card? Disenchant your repeats and unused cards! You can click on cards you currently own and choose to trade them in for a discounted amount of arcane dust. But make sure it is a card that you will not use as it will cost a significant amount more to enchant again. 

Hearthstone does have several dollar signs around the game; but as a wise gamer you can ignore them. Use your time and resources wisely and you can compete at a high level without burning a hole in your wallet.