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Hollow Knight Silksong: Release Date, Trailer, Gamepass & More

In the world of gaming, many titles are greatly anticipated but very few titles have the hype of Hollow Knight Silksong.

Originally announced as a DLC to the original Hollow Knight. Hollow Knight Silksong quickly became a full sequel to the game, set for release on Xbox and Nintendo consoles along with PC.

Here is everything we know about Hollow Knight Silksong.

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Hollow Knight Silksong Release Date

Hollow Knight Silksong gameplay reveal at Xbox showcase.
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While there is no release date officially scheduled for Hollow Knight Silksong as of writing, what we do know is that the developers at Team Cherry are aiming to have the game released before Monday, 12th June 2023. We know this thanks to the 2022 Xbox summer showcase which showcased games that would be released in "the next 12 months" giving the deadline for release.

This deadline date for release also suggests that the game will be shown more soon, either via a new trailer or just a development update.

Hollow Knight SilkSong Trailer

The Xbox Summer Game Fest showcase gave us our most recent look at Hollow Knight Silksong, showing us an extended gameplay trailer featuring some of the combat and boss fights that players can expect to come across while playing the game.

The trailer itself is a little over a minute in length but crams a lot of footage in there to give the best look at the game we've truly had since its 2019 announcement, suggesting that it could finally be on its way.

Is Hollow Knight Silksong Coming to Game Pass?

According to that same Xbox Summer Game Fest Trailer, Hollow Knight Silksong will be coming to Xbox Game Pass subscribers on day one at no extra cost, giving players on PC and Xbox consoles a guaranteed way to enjoy the game for themselves as soon as it launches fully.

It isn't yet clear if the game will be available with Xbox Cloud Gaming at launch but gamers shouldn't be too surprised if they can enjoy Hollow Knight on the go through Game Pass sooner or later.

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